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Monday, September 25, 2017

Last Summer trip...

The last week of summer Travis and I decided to surprise our kids with a last minute trip. It initially was going to be in lubbock, but b/c of college dorm move in weekend, we switched location destinations. haha!
We went on a trip I have been trying to do since last, it was time. 

We left midland friday morning...and drove them to Weatherford to Splash Kingdom Water park..Ty was immediately excited...but the girls were a little hesitant b/c of their previous water park experience when they couldn't ride any of the rides..haha..but, that quickly changed when they realized they could ride all but 1!! (I definitely looked into that before planning..haha). 

We got there around lunch and played until it was about to close...which was 6! It was incredibly fun...perfect for ALL ages..and super safe and clean. we played so hard. finally took a break, got a sno cone and waters...and took a little break since it was so incredibly hot..but, so much fun!! 

we changed back into our dry clothes, loaded up, planned on going to a restaurant..but jake was sound asleep (he played soon hard..he absolutely LOVES water) so, we just decided to swing through and grabbed whataburger. b/c it was the easiest to get to! haha! 
we ate our delicious..ha..supper on the way to our next Glen Rose!! 

we arrived at our hotel, checked in, got baths and went to bed!! (wasn't really that, finally all eyes were closed).haha!

Woke up, had breakfast and headed to Fossil were super excited! 
Jake especially LOVED the animals. we were all laughing so much at him. 
Kids not only loved seeing the animals, but being unbuckled with their heads sticking out the window feeding animals..haha! 
Travis just wanted to shoot everything in site..haha! 

Took a few, once it was done we it wasn't even quite lunch time...we got there at 8 right when it opened b/c we heard that was the best time to spot animals before they bedded down bc of the heat..
soooo, we finished our trip a lot sooner than, we ended up just heading to the lake since it was just a couple hours away..

It was a perfect, family-fun trip and loved being all together! 
great ending to a fun summer!!!

Splash kingdom...

wave pool, kiddie area with lots of slides, shallow water, big slides for tubes and mats, and loopy slides!! they had everything!! oh, and the surfboard ride. (ty was the only one tall enough for that ride). 

jake loved playing with the little water fountains ..and climbing up and sliding down the little slides and just belly flopping into the water..haha! he was non-stop!!

watching his sibs ride a few of the bigger rides...

hanna loved this ride...

surfer ty!!! 
all the lines were super short...hardly any wait at all..except this ride.haha! 

break time...sno ones and waters all around!!
perfect cool down treat!

the girls were soon cute riding together...they got lots of claps, and smiles! haha!

travis and ty racing down...such a fun ride..

i made the mistake of going down the tunnel ride with claire...i didn't realize what it was..and it was pitch black the whole time..I was even screaming..and she did soon awesome. haha! but, didn't want to do it again...haha. so, made sure she was on the open tube ride.haha!

ty and hanna racing..

after 5 hours..this little guy was pooped...

from weatherford to Glenrose...(45min -1hour drive)

excited about no seatbelts..haha..

our guide..pretty cute if I say so myself..hehe...

jake was pretty much stuck in this position the whole time..haha!! with the added, oooh-ooh-oohh! haha.

about halfway the have a resting stop..bathroom, restaurant, petting area...

and this was the perfect ending..we had the most laughs about this...
this ostrich was about to peck travis to
i have never seen travis this afraid of an animal
we didn't hang around him long..we said, see ya! lol. but not with a bunch of belly laughs first.hahaha.

family selfie on top of the car.!lol.

at the rest stop..i put jake back in his carseat and let him have a little, thats where he is..

roby fam vacate success...
it was not far..nor extremely glamourious...but we spent time with each other and had a great time....just perfect!! 

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