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Monday, June 12, 2017


Such a wonderful, relaxing, week in one of our favorite places, ruidoso. 
We love to escape the hot weather and enjoy the calm atmosphere...where we are outside all day...whether its exploring on adventure walks or discovering animals and their trails, or finding new things to enjoy.
It was pretty rainy the week we were up...typically would enjoy  a walk or play outside in the mornings..and then it would rain in afternoon..and become beautiful again in evening time. perfect combo. But, since the rain brought some chilly temperatures, we didn't play in the river like normal..just a little instead, the kids really enjoyed sledding down the mountain (hill)...thats something I use to do as a kid..and it was fun to see them enjoy that as well. they had a many sweet laughs and giggles. 

It seems each year there is a new animal lurking around the cabin...this year was turkeys..we kept hearing them gobble..and thought it was the kids kindle or something at first..and then we saw the front yard...pretty much everyday they would come up for food...and gobble away at night. 

we also had 2 ducks...who we saw last year in the river..but this year..they just stuck together..male and female..and waddled all the way up to our front yard and enjoyed some snacks..and kept moving...but everyday the little old couple would come back. it was so cute and funny!

and of course, our female mule deer, who is always pregnant, was back..enjoying all the watermelon she could a free buffet. 

It was a great time...claire, brady and sophi got sick the last couple days..and jake wasn't 100% so that was evident in his sleeping..but besides that..everyone was great!!! 

got their marks on the walls and everyone great anywhere from 3-4 inches..lots of growing..

until next time...

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