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Monday, June 12, 2017

Princess on Ice...

When we saw princess' on ice were coming to Midland..well, actually, Odessa...we knew we had to take the girls since Sophi and Brady were going to be in town too.. Ty didn't care to,  the guys lucked out..and he and brady stayed with travis, jake and grandpa. 

The girls loved it..were in complete aww...maybe bc of the sprite and cotton, they loved seeing the princesses...and of course, anna and elsa. 
They had a great time singing along..always fun seeing their expressions...hanna is definitely fun to she truly believes those are the real princesses! :) so cute. 
It didn't start until, super late for our, claire sat in her aunt casey's lap the whole time...and then they all crashed on thew way home. 
such a cute show..always fun doing things for your kids when their faces light up..

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