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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Last Days of school..

The last days of school were so fun for the crew....
Ty and Hanna had their last 9 weeks awards ceremonies...
Hanna got Perfect Attendance...

and Ty Got Academic Achievement and the Music award. He was pretty pumped..

and I was pumped b/c I love seeing big smiles on his face...and the fact he sat in my front of all his buddies and classmates....I was beaming ear to ear..and may have teared up a little! ha! We have entered the, "i'm too cool" for mom/endearment, meant the world he was showing affection in front of everyone! Love this boy to pieces!!! 
(the PE teacher did stop me and say she wanted to give ty that award too..but, music teacher beat her to it)..hehe! 

Then it was Field Day....

Pk-1 went together at the same time. but were broken up into their individual classes whom they competed against. 
they had a blast!! And me, claire and jake ran back and forth to their events..haha! 

Last day of school for Claire Bear...
my how she grew so much!!

ironically, i think it was colder on the last day of school..than the 1st..haha! 

out with the green door..and now ready for the Red Door...

the next day it was the last day for Ty and Hanna...half day for these 2....and uniform exempt day..always a fun day..

Ty really shot up...

and hanna learned so much and was such a great student..definitely grew not only in height but all around! 

Claire was still asleep when they left for their last, missed the pic..haha! she was on summer time already..haha.

Hanna's wonderful teacher...we wish she could move up with hanna..but will be excited for claire to have her..

all the teachers told me how much claire loved to sing and dance and would bust a move anywhere...yup...thats our claire!!!

some things change...

somethings don't...

It was a super great year...both kids excelled...Ty was tested into GT..and will start that next year..and is very excited about that. 
Hanna can't wait to start kinder...but not having a little rest time may make her tired...especially with gymnastics...but, we'll figure it out. 
as a parent, I'm learning, there is something you'll always be worried about for your kids..but, in the end..they survivE!! 


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