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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Claire's Dance Recital...

Being the younger sister, Claire was super anxious and ready for her own Dance Recital day...she has waited oh so, she was beyond ready!! 
therefore, the whole family knew how excited she we were all pumped for her...and made sure to make sure she felt super special on her exciting day..."on the big stage." 

she's in the 3-4 year old class...who danced to "Me and My Teddy Bear" (which is now stuck in my head..haha)...and had the cutest little bubblegum pink, sparkly, dress. 
The recital was on a sunday this, after church we went straight to her recital...and it started at 1. her group was towards the, i wondered if claire would make it out...since they were there an hour early..and then had to wait towards the end..another 45 min. 
but, she walked out...and nailed it! 
we were so proud...but mainly excited for her..b/c of her eagerness to dance at her recital...I mean, I can't explain how much she talked about this recital. 
she did so great and we loved that she loved it. Seemed it was everything she hoped for..haha! 

perfect song for our , Claire Bear...

all eyes on their baby sis...

It's her recital and she can cry if she wants to....bless her heart..was so tired and crashed!! busy morning....

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