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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Show Poms at the Rockhounds...

Hanna had her last Show Poms performance of the year..but, she LOVED it soooo much...that she'll be back next year..haha!
They did their final dance at the Rockhounds Baseball was an absolute gorgeous and hot night...but perfect! She loved every second of it! 

Ty loved it b/c he got to attend the game..and since we were there an hour and half early...he got players to sign a shirt we got (for getting there early.haha) and watched the players warm up...and got some good time with Rocky and Juice the moose! 

It just so happened to be Travis' company's night at the ballpark as, travis had several co-workers there to chat with!! 

Jake was, we left early (we intentionally brought 2 cars b/c of that reason) and travis, ty and hanna stayed until the, it was a late night. But, ty was playing catch with some boys..and he wasn't about to leave...and we were so proud of him venturing over to ask to play..that we definitely couldn't strip him of that accomplishment..that's pretty big time for him..or shy child! 

Thats the wrap for Show poms..until next year!!

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