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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mother's Day weekend..

Mother's day weekend fell on the weekend of the State Track, we ended up at the lake after watching my little cousin run her last state track, it was a fun weekend and since ty and hanna had off monday from and the kids stayed until monday afternoon! so, that was nice!! 

love my little gifts..always melts my heart! 

claire's gifts...and this girl does love her some carrots and ranch..haha! 

champ toast to my amazing mom and my sister...the best and most selfless mom I know! 

what better way to spend the end of mothers day..than to have 3/4 kiddos in my lap!! 

hanna's gift...

ty's sweet pictures he drew me...

State Track meet fun...

at hotel before buds...

taking a break from the heat and got under stands for shade and sno cones...

faith got 1st in 300m hurdles..and broke the state record..
2nd in mile relay...but would have totally caught the 1st place girl had she had more track to run...shes so fun to watch
got 4 or 5th in pole vault...didn't come close to doing her best..but still did great! 

and off to tech she'll go to run for the red raiders...

drive from austin to lake..haha!

sweet cousins...

where there is a hanna and claire..there is a cheer.. haha

mom-mom and her girls..

how else do you have a snack? haha 

Jake is Grandpa's baby...jake absolutely LOVES him..always seeks him out and wants him...such a sweet sweet pic of them!! 

My little momma enjoying her momma's day..haha!!

2 babies in their undies..hehe!!!

Sunday after lunch..casey and the kids left, dad and travis, it was just me, the kids and, some sweet mom-mom snuggles...

Thankful for a wonderful mom and MIL and to be surrounded by so many wonderful mom friends to go through momma hood with!! and so extremely blessed to have 4 amazing kids whom call me mommy!!! hands down best job!!! 

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