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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Jake is 10M

Although, I'm sad our baby boy is gaining on the 1 year mark...this is my all time favorite stage...I love the curiosity, learning, personality coming it all. may be constantly chasing him down, finding him upstairs playing, sweeping objects out of his mouth., always feeding him,..but, i love it...and his laugh melts me every time...and when he hers, "jake" when he's getting into something he shouldn't..and he looks back at me and smiles...makes me smile back..and giggle. 
he makes us all so happy..and is constatnly being fought! 

he loves to climb, chew on anything..although nerf darts are a favorite. 
haven't found a food he doesn't like. 
loves to be held..but at the same time, is a squirmy wormy and wants to just go and play...prob bc he spends most of his day in a car seat. 

finally popped a tooth out.. in fact 3..and 1 more is about to bust through as well. 

I have started just nursing him morning and night..and he gets a bottle during the day...and boy does he get excited when he sees a bottle..haha! 
which is prob contributing to his better sleeping..he sleeps through the night, for the most part, now! woohoo! 
Has a cute little, mouth open, look when he gets excited! 

he just started standing on his own without holding onto anything , getting his balance down (crazy that hanna was already walking at this age....but knowing her now..not so 
he will go from furniture to furniture walking and pushes toys around. 

NOT A FAN of diaper changes or clothes..that is definitely my workout of the day..haha! 

loves to clap and knows the song, "if you are happy and you know it." 

he constantly makes me smile and gives THE BEST wet, slobbery, open mouth kisses!!! and I LOVE THEM!!! 

i knew he was playing with shutters..i didn't know he was standing on the box doing it.haha! 

pretty sure I have a pic of all my kids doing this...i for sure remember hanna...why are target carts so easy to stand up in...this is one reason I try to steer away from target..just not an easy trip with him. 

climbing like the big kids at the park...

at ty's baseball game..

he loves his momma..hehe!!

peek a boo...another favorite game of his... and he hates being covered up in his car, he knows how to pull it to make a little window..haha..makes me laugh every time. 

his first tooth..the other top has now come in and one lower...

claire's the sweetest big sis...she may always be all up in his grill..but, she's always looking out for him. 

Jake's first plane ride...

he did great and climbed all over the tray table..haha..

sweet, sleepy, worn out baby boy..

beep beep...drivin sisters car...have to say he looks good in pink..haha!'He also loves to chew on baby dolls and princess wands..hehe. 

on the go...he loves to be outside.. and gets so excited when the door opens..

Happy 10M baby fun watching you grow and learn...

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