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Thursday, May 18, 2017

First year in Little League..

What a fun season Ty had in his first year of coach pitch, little league. 
We realized when they had practice the first day teams were announced..on valentines the freezing temps and hight winds...that we weren't in tball anymore..haha!! 
they had lots of practices and for up to 3 hours...but the coaches were absolutely amazing and Ty lucked out having such great coaches! They not only cared about baseball but held strict rules for molding them into young men as well. If any trash left in dugout, any horseplay during game, not paying attention during game or practice, not running your hardest to bases, if you watched the ball once you hit...those were all grounds for running laps around the whole baseball field after the game...and depending on what crime committed...pushups also took place. Ty had to run a couple of games bc he would watch the ball after he hit instead of just running! he learned pretty quick..haha! 

It was sooo great for him...and as parents, we all appreciated it. 

The MuckDogs were undefeated 13-0 during the season..and won their first 2 games in the tournament...and lost their first game in the championship game. The other team played lights out...and we played probably the worst game of the, not a good combo...sad to end on that note..but, it was a fun season and Ty had a great time. 
He really learned and came into catcher...he really enjoyed it..
He had some great hits and his best was a triple. 
He made some new friends and loved seeing old friends he was now competing against...tahts the best part about can say hi to your friends batting..haha! 

Proud of our little guy!!!
great season, Muckdogs!!

second place...

loved this sweet moment after the championship game....both teams in for a prayer...great sight!!
Glad to see God being honored. 

Also, something we enjoyed was before every game they did the National Anthem...teams lined up on base line, took hats off and stands stood and payed respect as well. Such a cool moment...the girls loved it too and learned it all as well. so now, every time we hear the National Anthem, they sing along with their hands over their heart...:) 

lined up for national anthem..

line up...loved having that since this was the first season we didn't know the whole team..haha! 

catcher has a cute...bottom..hehe!!

ty's biggest cheerleaders..his sisters...

how jake ate his dinner every m/t/th...

Ty loved the 7:30 night games b/c played under lights...i did not exactly feel the same b/c that meant super late nights..and school next day! haha! 

Ty always had a great fan club...his grandpa and mom mom were there for just about every game..and his granddaddy and gigi were able to come to a couple! 

spring weather in midland....equals super, i tried to keep jake hidden..but, he would always peek through..hehe! cracks me up! 

This was after Ty's best game...he played sooo great!! I was so proud...mainly b.c you could tell he was having fun and a confidence booster!! 

baseball sisters...

school friends...

Great season, Muckdogs....great group of coaches, kids and parents!! some great little players in this bunch!! 

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