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Friday, April 21, 2017

State Gymnastics meet...

Hanna wrapped up her gymnastics competition season at State in Amarillo...and she went out with a bang....she was determined to get 1st..and she did!!
Travis and I get so nervous watching her...they practice twice a week for 1.5 each...for their one routine..on each event. so, its a tad bit nerve-wracking..haha!

She got first in State on the floor and double mini...and (somehow) got 3rd on tramp. (thats the event we aren't sure how scoring goes..b/c it never makes sense to us..haha)..but we are also the parents and biased..haha! 

She absolutely loves competing and truly enjoys, it's fun to see her have so much fun and enjoy what she loves doing!! Her smiles make the 3 hours spent at the gym worth it! :) (not sure her siblings would agree 

Way to go, Hanna James!!! We are incredibly proud of you!!!

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