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Friday, April 21, 2017

Jake 9M...

woooweee....9 months...soooo crazy..creeping up closer and closer to that year mark..AAAHHH!!!

our baby Jake is a busy busy bee...yet, it's my all time favorite when they really start getting their personality, so curious and constantly learning..may be always into something..but i love it! 

He's constatnly on the move..pulls up on absolutely Hanna a run at the monkey award. Travis and I say we need to get him a safety helmet b/c some of his choices that he pulls up on aren't the greatest..and he has a spill pretty much daily...that leaves a mark or bruise of some sort. 

Still doesn't have any teeth..but 2 uppers (crazy, I know) are about to bust through any they haven't yet is beyond means, he is constantly chewing on any and everything...doens't care what it is...paper seems to be a favorite..ha! Will find any little bitty thing on the floor and put into his mouth..may have been given a raisin and a mento by his 3 year old sister. ha! 

He loves to clap and wave, "hi"
Has the mmm mmm mm sound and dada an bububu (ty always thinks he's saying, "bubu") haha! 

Separation anxiety is still going strong...doesn't like when i'm not 1)holding him or 2) out of his sight. I often have to relocate rooms in order for travis to be able to hold him..sweet little momma's boy..and I would be lying if I say I don't LOVE it! hehe

He is the BIGGEST trooper and goes on our crazy schedule to all his siblings school and extracurriculars.! 

Still not sleeping through the night..but just up typically once...around 4ish..but, i'll take it! 

He eats anything...and loves it...eats whatever we are eating..for the most part. 

I just started only feeding him morning and night..and giving him a bottle during daytime..but, that's not going extremely well..haha..he's not a huge fan of that new idea. 
With our lifestyle right now..its just been hard to keep up with nursing...and he gets so distracted it doesn't are trying out a new method...

I LOVE how he turns his head into my chest when he's being shy or not wanting to leave my arms...and his sloppy wet kisses..can't get enough of it. 

love his laughs and playing peek a boo and finding his tickle spots (under chin, ribs and top of thighs)..

well....I ended up carrying him this trip..b/c homeboy wouldn't sit, it was easier to hold than to constantly battle! ha!

just wanted to do what other kids were doing...

cracks me up that the uses his bumper as a so sweet..

yummy toes..

not a fan of naps, or fact, when you go to his room he knows whats coming and clings to me..haha!
so, he'll just stand and cry and cry....i have learned...he doesn't cry it out...he just never gives up..but when he's tired he'll usually lay down..only cry for a bit...

watching Ty play ball...

glad someone was excited about doing the dishes...

battle scar....

will hammer through any food...

daddy is usually always  a sure beat to get him to sleep...

climber and teether..this boy was in heaven...haha...

laundry helper...also a fan of chewing on socks...hes just like our little puppy..haha

not often I can sit and hold i did!!! 

dinner time at tys game

always loves being loved on at church

found the stairs...and is always finding his way up...and once tumbled down..aahhh!!
luckily, i was at the door and was able to catch him mid stairwell..

he's our tough little boy whom we love so very much!!!

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