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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Ty basketball...

A new year, a new season, a new league..for ty and basketball...
Ty loved the new league b/c they got "real jersey's" that was exciting..and that may have been the most excitement for most of the season bc our poor boys couldn't seem to win. They always are the bottom classmen in their leagues..and just win they can be the older boys in their league...we switched..haha...but, like we tell Ty, it's good to play up..but, at the same time..when you always lose that is hard on your confidence. ha! 
but the very last game, it was a nail bitter and was shot for shot...we were down by 2 with just a few seconds left..ty dribbled the ball down and as time was running down.shot and scored right as the buzzer went off....the crowd (aka..all us parents) went crazy...we were sooooo excited for our boys...finally a W...and their excitement made us so excited for them..their smiles said it all. we were so proud. and they were on cloud nine. and gave them the confidence they needed to win the next game (ty had to miss b/c of his scratched cornea) which landed them a spot in the championship game....ty was so excited to learn they won so he had one more game to play. (and I was so happy for him b/c i hated seeing him sad he had to miss)...and their new found confidence gave them a W..and a gold medal..they were soooo excited and us parents were all in shock..haha...who would have thought the team who couldn't win all season would come back to win 3 in a row and get the Gold. haha! a true hoosiers story. haha! 

Great ending to a fun season...GOOOO ROCKETS!!

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