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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Spring Break...

Spring Break has a whole new meaning when you have kids in school...not only are you all ready for a break from school...but, we want some good family time and to make the week fun for the kids b/c we feel they deserve it! 
so..this year, travis took a couple days of vaca and we went on a little trip to  Dallas to do a few things the kids have been wanting to do for a long, i had an extra surprise up my sleeve and I was so excited to tell had been a secret for far too long...ha!
The kids were out of school that, we left first thing friday morning for Dallas...and once we got on the road i told them the surprise...after dallas, instead of flying daddy home monday from dallas..i actually had him a plane ticket home from, sunday we were going to be headed to gamy and granddaddy's for a surprise bday party for travis! the kids were excited and travis was a little confused and shocked..haha! It was so fun finally spilling my secret!! 

snacks, drinks, headphones, color books and kindles...all essentials for a road trip..haha!

the best thing about hotels...a pool and the bellman carts! haha!

after checking in...our first stop on our trip  was to Medival Times for dinner...
every year my sister and I went there with my meme and bob...we have so many memories, when ty wasn't using his utensils one night at supper awhile reminded me of this I pulled it up and showed ty...of course, the kids were all about, thats when the dallas spring break plan started..haha!

not only did we get a fun outing..but, had some of our favorite people attend with us...Hanna was sooooo excited...if you mention the word, "Dallas" hanna immediately says, "that's where Hallie lives."  so, it was so great seeing her smile when they saw each other!! I don't think I saw more than 5 min of the show...but, I loved every minute of catching up!! haha! (as did the boys).

they cheered hard for our blue knight...but he ended up losing!! so, they cheered on the next knight! haha!

cutest little knights 

yup..we bought the pic too...haha! 

saturday, our first stop was American Ninja Warrior (obstacle warrior kids)...its our fav family show..and ty has been wanting to do this for a, it was so great getting to let him unleash his inner ninja...haha! 
He was in heaven..and dripping sweat.
obstacles, boys and dodgeball...3 of his fav things....he was realllllyyyy hard getting him to leave! We will def go back...huge hit! 
My monkey Girls and little explorer jake loved it too. 

after everyone worked up a sweat...we went down the way and visited our meme...and saw her new crib! 

afterwards we headed to the american girl store....we had reservations for Tea...but, once we sat down we learned tea isn't on the, we had dessert in stead.  I was a little bummed for Claire..b/c the tea party was in honor of her...we "play tea", i knew she would LOVE a tea party....but, luckily, i hadn't mentioned too much about it..and she didn't know any different. and ty wasn't too keen on the doll store..but, once he learned we were getting dessert he was all on board! lol.

the hotel breakfast may have been the boys fav...including jake...they put away some breakfast! haha! 

sunday, we loaded up bright and early (thanks time change) and headed to was soooo cold and windy but claire had to go potty...and there was a patch of, it was obviously a meant to be photo op..haha!
and since we were kinda in a parking lot field...a lady stopped on her way to the building and asked if we wanted a family was the nicest gesture. thankful for small towns!!

we made it to houston about 1..and guests started arriving at 3 for Travis' bday party! it was so great to see everyone and travis just loved, seeing him all smiles was icing on the cake!  :)


life long friends...

house full of people singing, Happy bday...


2 raiders and 2 ags...

thankful for pool heaters..haha..

little catfish in the pond...

monday, the sun finally came out later that, we soaked it up...

and although the kids had swam earlier and had a bath..when the sun came out..they wanted to get back it was spring break...back in they went..

monday night, travis flew out..and tuesday morning me and the kids drove to the lake....luckily, it was full sunshine...just what SB should be...haha!

this is claire's happy place...on the "buggy"...she bats an eye and grandpa will take her...but, since he wasn't there claire went to mom mom and said, "mom-mom, since grandpa's not here will you take me on a buggy ride." her sweet precious voice...and only the heartless can turn her, off we went.
Jake loved it!!!

Hanna is my little girl for sure...she came and asked me, "mommy, want to go sunning with me."lol...of course I do!!!

so fun watching these 2 play and actual game of basketball!! 

thursday, we headed to fort worth for brady's 8th bday party....can't go to FW without  a little shopping first...and I got my computer fixed...yay! 

hotel pools are always the key to a good

happy bday Brady Bear...(does the cake look familiar..haha)..

friday, we went to the FW museum of natural history...brady's party request....and 5 hours later we left..really cool place! 

friday after the museum we all headed back to the lake for 1 more day of soaking up the sun..and boy did was shining bright and this momma got burned..

perfect weather for a little kit flying..

mom planted a TON of bluebonnet seeds last year...and she's got about a dozen blooming..:) 

perfect ending to SB for these beauties...sunshine and cheese sticks..

saturday morning dad and travis took the girls out fishing (they came in friday night after their golf tournament) and once they were finished it was the boys turn....while the boys were out, and the sophi and hanna were playing...and riding their jeeps around (claire and jake were napping)...Hanna, out of nowhere, just started screaming bloody murder... I thought something was terribly wrong for her to be hysterical like she was, mom and casey, are running towards her (they were on the side of the house..and we were on the back deck)...and she finally says, "there is a snake, I saw a real snake."..oh man...she was terrified...our animal lover, who was just infatuated with all the snakes, spiders, reptiles at the museum...was completely horrified of the snake she just saw..

so, we mom's go investigate...but didn't see anything. but, there was no doubt, she was telling the truth b/c of her reaction..and she and sophi had the same story. 

the guys got back and we Hanna told them....and later that day... my mom went to look again, and saw it..she is 100% not a fan of, it's one of those..keep your enemies closer type of thing....but, before she could tell my dad and for him to get his pistol...snake scurried off apparently likes to sun on some rocks on the side of the house...
later on, we saw it in the's just a bull snake, so we didn't get worried..and once you know it's there, it's ok...but, if you're not expecting can for sure creep you out..
but, since it is known to keep rodents an rattlers away, we may just keep him..ha! he at least survived that weekend. 

when I was telling hanna she did a good job of running to tell an adult about seeing a snake she came clean as to what happened...
"we were driving our jeep and I saw something that looked like a snake but it wasn't moving so, I got out of my jeep to look..and thats when I saw it poke its head up and move...and I yelled, Sophi, run..its a real snake." hahaha!
so, we had another discussion..that when she sees a snake outside at the lake, our house, is real and DO NOT get closer...NEVER do that again..haha..that girl! (sooo, thankful it wasn't a rattler)!

and after she calmed down she was obsessed with it..and wanted to show everyone!

hard to tell from the pic..but it's head is sticking out of the pipe...

the boys played on the dock for house...just had the best time..and then they got put to work..haha! got to keep in manicured for the day (hopefully super super soon) the lake fills back up and water is back under the dock...PRAYING!!!

3 cute cute boys...
8M, 7 and 8!
It was Brady's actual bday!

It was a fun-filled week and we all had a blast...and made a complete circle!!
now....a race to the finish for summer!! :) 

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