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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Daddy- Daughter date...

When Hanna turned 3 and the church started a valentines Day, Daddy-daughter dance, it is always a highlight of the year...Hanna always looks forward to dressing up "Fancy" and going to dance with her daddy....and it was finally the year Claire was old enough (have to be 3) but..we missed this year b/c we were in lubbock for hanna's gymnastics meet. We were all bummed b/c it's such a special event...(and had already bought the girls "Fancy" dresses..haha), right around that time the movie, Beauty and the Beast was coming out...and the girls saw the previews and wanted to, we deemed that their daddy-daughter date but had to wait for it to come to theaters...for a month the girls asked every day if it was time...and every t/th on our way to and from gymnastics claire would say, "thats where daddy is going to take us to see beauty and the beast." so, to say they were anxious is an understatement. 
The movie came out during spring break when we were, once we got back...and the lovely wind prevented travis' form, it was the perfect day..haha! so, after school on friday...the girls got all curled, makeup, all kinds of jewels, dresses and fancy shoes and purses (filled with snacks..haha)  they were super excited...and hanna wouldn't let travis see her until she was completely done getting primped...he had to keep closing his eyes as she ran back and forth through the house. it was so cute. 
finally, it was time to leave....
they got there in plenty of time to grab a big bowl of popcorn and find their seats. 

I was a little nervous b/c I had read reviews that the beast and the wolves were scary...but, since we had already told the girls they could go, well before reviews came out...they were not going to, i just hoped for the best. 
Travis said, hanna just got scared and cried once during the scene when they are trying to kill belle's dad and the beast...but not bc she thought it was scary..but b/c she was sad and scared for the beast and dad. haha! 
claire said the wolves were "kinda scary." but, their favorite part was when "belle put on her pretty yellow dress."  

a successful night...and the next morning that was the first thing claire talked about! haha! 
and travis really liked the movie too.! :) 

Travis seeing them (or really hanna) for the first time..hehe

the sweetest sisters...

i mean, i feel this is foreshadowing for college...EEEKKK!! 

claire's choice of accessories make me laugh...

and hanna's choice of purse..of all the purses she has...cracked me up..
that was my great aunts old purse...and hanna just loves it..uses it all the time...she clearly has a thing for bigger bags. 

all ready to go..
they went to the 6:00 show and got home a little after 8!! and they went straight to bed..travis said they both 

while the girls were away we had mommy-son time...and let me just say, we had a blast..and lots of laughs!! 

we had pizza and boy shows (lego and pokemon) and then we played candy land and headbandz..and had so many laughs! 
and after all that ty asked if we could watch a show in my bed, thats what we did!
we had a great time and i cherish my time with him.!!

oreos and board games...(he was so excited to eat oreos..haha)..
p.s...the dipper scoopers are pretty cool..def recommend them.

my littlest boy eating while we play...

It was so fun after all the kids were asleep, and travis and I on the couch together comparing stories on our times with the kids...successful night!!!

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