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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Jake is 6M....

Happy 1/2 birthday to our little Jake...can't believe that he is officially closer to 1..than a NB...(b/c I'm a week late)...AHHH!!

He is such a sweet little bundle and gives the biggest smiles! 
Weighs: 15.8 lbs and 27" tall. 
He's eating every 3 hours now...(that hour is a huge difference..haha)...still not close to sleeping through the night..but, hopefully will soon!  :) 
Still not a fan..i mean, not even close, to liking table food.  I have tried a plethera of foods...and he really only tolerates, ritz crackers, hawaiaan rolls, blueberries and apple sauce and a little squash and some baby yogurt melts.
The rest is just not happening!!!

Separation anxiety has kicked in and does not like when I leave his sight.
I actually, stole borrowed ;) my parents walker so he can be around me, in a standing position at all times..bc I am typically always in the kitchen...and our jumper is in the den! 
He loves that..and the adventures he gets to go on when bigs are home..haha! Hold on tight, Jake. 

Sleeping has become optional in his he's refusing naps and, that's always fun! ha!
still gnaws like crazy on everything.and drools like crazy..but, no signs of teeth. 

He'll get up on all 4's and rock..but then falls down. ..instead he "swims"..he gets on his belly and wails his arms and legs around..he works so hard.yet it doesn't get him anywhere! haha!

I love when he turns and puts his head in my shoulder area and nestles in...melts me everytime!

Happy 1/2 birthday, Jake!!

Can't be a boy in our family if you don't love mallards..haha...
He loved watching the ducks at the pond..

"swimming" lol..

eyes are a greenish/blusish tent...

BIG smiles...

This poor little boy...he not only has the mommmarazzi but also sisterazzi!! lol..

although the cowboys lost their playoff game..insert sad face...what a bummer of an ending..we were all smiles for turning 6M!!

loves playing with his toes...

time for a check up....he is doing great!!

he doesn't like to sit...or lay, had to let him get some wiggles out so they could finish the exam...and get his length..haha..

a boy in a card...LOVE!! hehe! 

but when he does finally sleep...there is nothing sweeter!!!

food attempts...
sweet thanks..

puffs...not a big fan....however, lately, he's tolerating a lot more..

teething biscuits..didnt' like at first..but since has a little more appreciation..

He had his first visit to the park...naturally, it was super windy..but he still enjoyed some sunshine..

He gets so cracked up when tickling his ribs or under chin and arm makes me laugh and smile so much! 

Jake Thayer...we love you sooo much!!

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