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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hanna's backhandspring...

There is no better feeling when you see your kids face light up after accomplishing a goal...and that was the case at hanna's last gymnastics class on tuesday, jan 24, 2017!!
she did her backhand spring all by herself..and was absolutely glowing and all smiles!
she could not have been more excited and so proud!!
and I was sooo exstatic for her b/c I knew how much she wanted to do it by herself! 

sometimes at the end of class they get to work on back handsprings..but since they are in competiton season they have been focusing more on their meet routines that recreational stuff...
so, yesterday when they got to practice them hanna was so excited! 

She had gone a couple times and then needed to go to the bathroom..and asked for help..and first off, that is super unusual..the queen of independnce never asks for my help in doing things..she always just finds a way...b/c she, in her head, think she's a mommy..haha! 
so, i went with her, confused the whole time why I was in there "helping," but she explained how she really wanted coach S to just put one finger behind her back and not her hand. I told her she just has to keep practicing and that will happen...
she finished, washed her hands and when it was her turn again..she DID IT!!! and got to do a few more to show everyone.  HER FACE LIT UP!!!
and when you are there for 3 hours a week..parents and sibs become like, everyone was cheering for was so neat! 
after practice she got to go on the tramp and do them..insert...BIG HIGH!! she was 100% over the moon excited!! 

So proud of my little girl in how she accomplished her goal.!!

Naturally, I am terrified b/c she will want to do them all.the.time..on any surface..and she's just not there yet..but her lack of fear won't stop her. 

Of course, when we get in the car and travis had called she immediately wanted to tell him his response , after congratulating her..said, "hanna, you can only do those at gymnastics or with mommy and daddy." lol..he too had the same! once a monkey, always a monkey! 

proud of you hanna james.

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