Rollin' with the Roby's

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

1st 9 week awards...

First 9 week awards....

Hanna: PE and Good Character award for always being ready to learn.

Ty: Science and Music Award..


I can't imagine life without my sister...and I am so thankful hanna and Claire have each other. They have been the best of friends since claire was born and are the sweetest sisters to each other...supportive, loving, want to be with each other...they love sharing a room...I know they will have their moments in years to come...but, my prayer is they stay as close then as they are now! 

Love their bond!

Hanna 6, Claire 4! 

Claire is 4...

Claire..4 seems waaaayyyy to old for you!! of all the ages...this one hit the is my 3rd baby, 4...and entering pre-k next year?? AAAHHH..insert streaming tears.

You are the most tenderhearted...sweet sack of sugar. you don't like to be in trouble or make people sad. you are our little snuggle bunny! 

you have grown to LOVE sports..all sports..and play them, baseball, soccer, catch with ty, gymnastics and chase is a fun favorite. you love them all. 
it was such a fun season watching you play 3 year old definitely proved us wrong! and we can't wait to watch you in tee ball!! 

you love to sing..and request "the little songs" EVERY TIME in the car...(bible and nursery rhyme songs) love to watch movies..but never sit through one..haha! 

you are such a good helper and always willing to lend a hand. 
You have the best manners and always respond with "yes ma'am " or "no ma'am." 
you love to dance around and make your moves up constantly..which makes it very entertaining. 
you have a funny personality and always making us laugh...just thinking about it cracks me up! 
your sweet voice and loving heart make us want to eat you up. and I love that you tell me, "i love you, mommy" all throughout the day...melts my heart!! 

WE love you to the moon and back!!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Girls Bday Party...

Could not have asked for a better day to celebrate our girls at the Park.!! such a fun time.

park for claire..face painting and balloon making for hanna...
they had the best time, thanks to their amazing friends and family who came to help celebrate! 
we could not be more blessed!