Rollin' with the Roby's

Friday, November 10, 2017

Claire's first soccer season...

Claire was more than excited to play soccer... our first kid to play not only soccer, but 3 year old soccer...and lets just say...we are so glad we signed her up...she absolutely, 100% loved it. the sweetest soul...but a tough competitor. she was all.over.that.field. ran her sweet little heart out the whole 60 min game...just short breaks in-between periods and halftime..and an occasional sit out. she played so hard...and we were so proud of her..and loved watching her! 
she cried if practice was canceled b/c of weather and was dressed first thing sat morning for her afternoon games. she meant all business. and we loved her excitement! 
she was a goal scoring little girl...and would raise her hands, get a huge smile and sprint to her coach after each goal...that in itself made us have huge smiles..and a chuckle. 

hanna was her biggest cheerleader..cheering her on the whole game...and jake always wanted to join her on the 
ty loved watching and always told her good game afterwards. 

her last game of the season, she had the whole fam-club there cheering her on. she was excited to have everyone there watching. 

until next season!!!

so proud of you, claire bear. 

Pumpkin Patch..

Thursday, November 9, 2017

ACU homecoming....

ACU homecoming had a little more too it this year...since it was my 10 year reunion...and my good friend from CA, who was our homecoming queen, had to come, that made it extra special...and our club is back on campus..and that was great to, it was a fun-filled, exhausting weekend..but, self-inflicted...and I loved it! but did take some time to recover from extreme amount of lack of sleep.

Friday morning me, claire and jake left for abilene so I could attend queen's tea...and travis brought ty and hanna that afternoon....

not only the other half of LSquared... but the coming-home, Queen!!

queens tea...

Carnival time...the kids favorite!!
bouncy houses, games, facepainting..lots of fun...

travis' first ACU homecoming experience...:)

no homecoming is complete without a stop at the campus store..

after carnival...met up with friends at The Mill.

6:13am breakfast...AAHHH DT

I was a good daughter and followed my moms footsteps...

after breakfast...hoco parade...

then headed to watch sophia's last soccer game...

after the parade...travis took ty and claire back to midland to attend their soccer and fball games..

Had such a blast with my college friends...lots of laughs were def had!!! 

"May the Lord watch between me and thee while we are absent one from the other."