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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Santa Visit..

Santa made one more stop at Miss Cayce's so we were there to see him....

Claire was a little hesitant at first but I told her to just stand next to ty..and she did..but right next to Santa...and did so great..NO TEARS from any roby this year!! haha! 

Ty told santa, he wanted a "nintendo DS2"

Hanna wanted, "a My little pony dress." (so random..but she has been stuck no that for a long time...haha)...

Claire asked if he knew "Elfie" our elf on a shelf...I had to help remind santa...and then he played! 

My little Quatroby's....

I loved how they printed your pics out this cool! 

Jake's first Santa visit...he was pretty!

After a cookie and chocolate milk...we headed home...a successful trip.
Claire said, "mommy, did I do great? i didn't even cry b.c I am a big 3 year old." lol..she melts me!

hanna later said, "mommy, I know that wasn't the real santa b/c his beard was grey not white." haha!! 

and Ty speculated and analyzed every way possible for how santa was there and where his reindeer! 

Christmas just gets better and better each year with them all!! 

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