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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Jake's first food...

4.5 Months old, Jake has officially tried his first food...Rice Cereal...and he was SUPER excited about (lots of sarcasm there). He his cute little heart, he tried it..gave it a few spoon taste and was being so polite about it, with his sour faces and all...but he just didn't' like it. After a few swallows he started to turn his head when the spoon came in his direction..haha! 

I remember ty and Hanna doing rice cereal..but I think I skipped all that with claire and went straight to baby led weaning...but, b/c Travis and I have a tripped plan..and homeboy still eats every 2 hours..I was really trying to get him to go longer in between feeds, for my parents, since they are watching all the kids. My attempt at rice cereal to help didn't work.haha..not only did he not exactly like it, but definintely didn't help him span longer. 

So, I waited a couple days and then introduced bananas...he was slow to warm up..but eventaully liked it...and that night he went 5 hours in between, we kept with the banana's..haha! 
so, much that he began to get attempt to get "the bear out" as travis would say, before we left town (again, so my parents wouldn't have to deal with it)...I gave him prunes...and that seemed to be the favorite of them all..haha! 
which is good, b/c after 2 containers of prunes and some apple juice/water mixture..he still hasn't gotten it all out yet..bless his heart...but we are trying. 
but, he has gone 3-5 hours again and even 3 hours during the, he is learning he's not going to starve..haha! 

oh my sweet little jake..I could eat him up! 

not a fan of the rice cereal...even with my milk added! 

hanna's in heaven...a real baby she can feed! haha! 

a little more excited about bananas..

but not really...ha!

he also has started to tuck his arms and legs under, so his bottom goes up and the pressure is off his belly..that has helped his sleeping too! :) 

He did great at eating..took off like a champ..just not a fan of the flavors..but, I think (some days) it is helping fill his tummy up! 

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