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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cookies and Canvas...

The mother/daughter, cookies and canvas, night has become one of our favorite traditions..This was our 3rd year to go...since we hit it right when they started this at church.  you have to be, claire made the cut this year and it was so fun to have both my girls there. 
We painted an angel this year, but claire mainly smeared paint was beautiful..haha..but she had a blast..cookies and painting..2 of her favorites. 

Hanna did everything on her own this help from me...she was really into it..and did a great job! I was just proud of her for paying could tell she really tried! 

It was a fun time and we now have 2 beautiful pictures to add to their canvas collection! :) 
So grateful for our church and and the events they create for special memories to be made! 

nothing sweeter than a praying child...

there is an angel on there somewhere..haha..

of course hanna's angel had to have a pink dress..haha..

cookies and canvas 2016! 
Claire 3, hanna 5! 

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