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Friday, November 18, 2016

Let's Get Tangled...

This year the girls wanted a "girl princess party"...due to the the time of the year, and location issues...we wound up at their gymnastics, not quite the princess tea party..but, the little princesses sure did get some energy out. Rapunzel did make a surprise visit...the girls loved it..Hanna had been asking for a tea party with...enter any princesses name...for, I thought having her come to their party would be fitting. They loved that she was there, and they were constantly yelling, "rapunzel, watch me.."...
but, after an hour and a half it was time to spool it up and be done with their month long celebration..haha! 
and ty was so happy to have brady there...for many reasons..but gave him a boy friend to play with while little girls ran around! haha! 

Gamy got hanna a cd player and a kidz bop she danced the afternoon away...

after the party all the fam came to our house for lunch and playing until supper time..and casey, b&s went with mom mom and grandpa back to their house...and gamy and granddaddy stayed to watch our 4 while we went on a much needed date night...and a fancy one at that! :)
we had a great time and thankful we could get away for a couple hours. 

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