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Tuesday, November 8, 2016


With Halloween being on a monday this year, it seemed to be a weekend long holiday...
Thursday, Claire had her pumpkin parade and was so nice (yet strange) to just have one kid/party to running from class to nice! haha! 
she made some cute crafts and was the cutest little annie!! 

she was so excited to be annie and was adamant about it...(I may have tried to persuade her to be a princess, since we have so many of those costumes) but she was persistent. She loves Annie, and watches it often on her Kindle...and on road trips in the car. and she was the cutest..and loved her wig...well, for short amounts of time. Initially, she wasn't too sure about it..but Ty and Hanna told her how cool it was and then I told her, her aunt casey had short, red curtly hair..and she was sold! 

Jake got to wear all his halloween jammies..but not a huge fan of the to be confused with mommy..whom he loves!! hehe!

I had the best time making themed lunches..making lunches everyday gets boring and, i spiced it up and tried to scare ty and hanna! Hanna was always sweet and played along...."mommy, that was so scary, I was like,aaahh." Ty on the other hand, said it was never scary...except for the one day they ate in the cafeteria so I put a big, ugly spider in his backpack...that got him a little..haha! gotcha, ty! 

Friday, some sweet friends hosted a party at the pumpkin more sweet treats!!!
these 2 have really bonded...claire always is around him, checking on him, wanting to hold him..nad he can pick her out of a crowd and give her the biggest smile..he always has eyes for her!!

our little Jake-o-lantern..hehe!

but the sister bond is tight!!

there was so many friends and lots weren't exactly the priority..but they definitely got worn a win! ha! lots of relay races..

saturday, after fball and hanna's bday celebration at chuck-e-cheese...they went to polo fields for some trick or treating..

Sunday night, we went to GTCC with mom-mom and grandpa for dinner and some carnvial games and golf cart trunk or treating...
the girls had so much fun playing all the carnival games..and ty saw a buddy and they took off and did the haunted house over and over again..haha..
hanna emptied out some we sat and observed all the fun and chatted with friends, she just couldn't help herself and constantly was back at the trunk right across from us..haha! needless to say, she and jake made out with the! 
they had the best time running around the greens and seeing so many of their friends..such a fun night!

the trunk that kept calling her

the only pic I got of Ty that night..he was having too much fun with his buddy I didn't even see him..but so much fun seeing him find a friend and have a blast. 

Jake's first Halloween...3M old...

he was a fan...p.s. ty put the rake there so jake couldn't fall through the crack.hahaha..such a good big brother..

Monday, Ty and Hanna happened to have an early release at, we enjoyed the day together and after show poms we got ready and headed to the clubhouse for some hot dogs and socialization with our wonderful neighborhood...then it was time to head out for some door to door action..we hit up 4 streets and when it was starting to get dark called it a night..and the kids got to hand out candy for just a bit..and then lights out, shower, some really good teeth brushing, books and prayers..and sweet dreams..
we were halloween-ed out! 

but, before bedtime..ty had to organize and sort his candy...hehe!! 
and he gave me my favorite..his one and only heath bar...and gave travis a couple reese's PB cups..b/c those are his fav..
the sweetest, most thoughtful little boy...but, sisters hands were to stay! 

Happy Halloween from our:
 Kylo Ren, Rapunzel, Annie and skeleton....

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