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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Claire's 3rd Birthday...

Let's just have a moment of is 3!! wow!!! where is my baby girl??
Claire is as sweet as they come...with the sweetest big smile that can just make a bad day better..and the sweet little voice that goes with it..can just make your day brighter! and she is so funny...always making us smile and laugh..even in the middle of a little fit..we try not to laugh but it's always so cute it's funny! 
She loves her siblings more than anything...her "bubbie, sissy and jakester" ...If you ask her what she wants to do..she'll typically respond with, "to to the park, swing, play chase, ring around the rosies."..and currently into the movie, Tangled.  she also loves to play babies, princesses, store and restaurant (where she takes my order on a the workers at chick fil a)...we may or may not go there often.ha! 
she loves her real baby, jake..and loves to hold him, and help change his diaper. 

She loves her "dance recital" and gymnastics and watching the cheerleaders..but loves every sport out there..she loves doing all Ty does..catch, fball, soccer, golf, tennis, baseball...she loves it all. she is a spunky little thing with the best facial reactions and we just love her to pieces.  

Happy Birthday, Claire Bear....

had to make her dress "twirl"

but..her all time favorite..and has been since a little throwing rocks...she loves it!!

the last night as a 2 year old...

and the first thing she does every morning when she wakes up..comes and finds me (where I am feedin jake) and climbs in my lap, and puts her head down on the boppy...sometimes(depending on the hour) she will fall back, when it's time for me to change becomes tricky..haha! but,i love those moments of having my two littlest babies in my lap..sleeping! 

per her request...birthday breakfast cinnamon rolls..the girl can put back some cinnamon rolls...

and she's ready to get her 3 year old bday started...

always a great day when you get mail..thanks to gamy, granddaddy and aunt ash..she was so excited...she asks me everyday when we check the mail..."anything for me?"! so, I was glad to say, yes, on her bday."

then back to chuck-e-cheese for her bday celebration. the week before at hanna's, grandpa gave each kid a whole cup, we couldn't play them all that day (well, ok, we didn't want to stay there for the time it would take..haha) we saved half of them for claire', we went after ty and hanna got out of school and played games for an hour and half..and then got pizza and took it to mom-mom and grandpa's house (since we were setting up for a garage sale.ha) and had pizza and cake. she had the best time!!

she told me, since we left the week before, "mommy, i want to play that ball game where you roll it." haha..she can get it over the hump and that's golden for her..she gets the biggest smile, claps, does a happy dance and is just so excited..haha..which, made me have the biggest smile. 

I just love how excited she always gets over the littlest things.

Then chuck-e came out...and she was all about him...I guess b/c she was a big 3 year old now..b/c the week before she certainly wanted nothing to do with him..haha! 
she waved and danced and had a ball...

The one thing she asked for her birthday was a big girl, another reason we went to mom-mom and grandpa's was b/c thats were we stored it....
she was super excited..and just kept saying, "now ty has his bike, hanna has her bike and i have my big bike now..
she is just so excited to have a bike like ty and hanna! 

some yummy bday cake.

and her AG doll from MM/ Ella! :) claire was sooo excited..

we haven't been able to go on a walk yet with her new bike,,but she has peddled many circles in our driveway!!! haha! 

A successful bday for our precious little girl...we love you to the moon and back! 

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