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Sunday, November 20, 2016

4 months...

Once again, another month has flown is our little boy already 4 months??? 
He has become such a happy baby (for the most part)! He definitely is a completely different little boy thanks to nexium. 

He is just growing so 6-9M clothes and in the 80% for height and 11% for weight! 

He loves to smile and just lights my heart up every.time. I see his BIG smiles...and now his little giggles..just make your worries go away! he cracks up and certain sounds...and has a tickle spot under his chin on his collar bone area! i just love hearing his sweet sounds. 
He is just about sitting up on his own..he prefers that position the best. so, his little froggy chair and bumbo have been so great...and he loves his fact, he's taken a few naps in them. 
he's rolling front to back and back to front...but, will get so upset about being on his tummy and all worked up he won't roll back over. but he has been getting a little better about laying on his tummy.

He loves to be talked to..he's not use to quietness or someone not being in his, when he is by himself he lets you know he doesn't like that..haha! therefore, he is quite the little talker..he has lots to say..and I love to listen to him tell his stories. 

He drools like crazy, and constantly has his fingers in his mouth chewing..or will naw on his pacifier..but no tooth yet...

he has a strong little grip that will get ahold of things (especially hair and shirts) and takes some prying to get his grip unleashed. 

took about a 2 hour nap in was the day after shots and a little, he was in great need of a good nap!! plus it was friday..and the week long activities catch up to him (and all of us)..

Hanna had him rolling one night..made us all laugh..

nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby...

always being held by his 2 other mommies...

Jake was having a rough day and not wanting to sleep so, hanna went in his room to try and make him stop...and I walked in to see her in the crib with him..(deja vu when claire was a baby..haha) and it didn't help. lol.

when he was 3.5M...(I was down with mastitis and in bed..and after I fed him and laid him next to me to see his finger completely swollen, and purple...I tried to find what was causing it but it was so little I couldn't, I frantically called travis to come help. 
I typically remain calm in stressful situations..but, this time I almost lost it..i was so nervous bc the hair tourniquet that was on his finger was so fine and little. I was finally able to unwrap it and hours later (and calls and video texts to our dr) it was able to go back to normal about a day later...but the line still remains..he cut into his skin so badly! 
I felt so awful..yet so thankful I saw it when I did!  
That was so scary...and I constantly check his fingers and toes now! 

little defense...haha! 

sweater vest time..he and grandpa matching. 

I treasure the time I can dress him...b/c it quickly goes away..haha!

the jumper that we got when ty was a still going strong, almost 7 years later...and the batteries still work from the last time...(winning..haha)..

the 2 fingers he always chews on...

you keep me busy and love to be held and eat every 2 hours, i don't get much done...but thats ok...i love our time together. 
like now, gotta're apparently done patiently laying next to me! haha

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