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Friday, October 7, 2016

When I see you Smile....

I CAN.NOT. get enough of this little boys smiles..not sure if it's because he's had a rough start with being in NICU, battling with reflux and now trying to get over his first virus...but it brings the biggest smile to my face and joy all over when we see this big smile! 
(and I love it that he thinks i am so funny..hehe)..

this sweet and precious smile just warms my heart..and the sounds that come with it..(according to ty he is already saying words.haha)....

he's not a fan of being left, he sits and watches me in the kitchen...since that seems to be where I reside..haha..
(girls covered him up)

while sisters get a bath..this one looks pretty in pink..hehe...

poor little guy got his first sickness...he had a good run..but 2.5M he got the virus that has been passing its way through the house...(first hanna, then claire and then jake). 
spiked a 102 fever...dr wanted to see him..put him on breathing treatments to help move and clear up the junk in his chest/lungs...but after we left felt requested to see him the next day and test for RSV...
but after a day of every 3 hour breathing treatments he sounded so much better and fever didn't spike up, we didn't even test. 
he still has his little cough..but he looks and sounds so much better. 
poor little guy!!! 

never thought when we got my car 3 years ago how much i would use the outlet plug...on breathing treatments..haha! but it has been so incredibly handy...a feature all future vehicles must have..haha! 

Just love these smiles sooo much!!! 

love you JTR (#4)! haha!  

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