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Monday, October 24, 2016

Awards ceremonies...

Ty and Hanna had their first 9 weeks awards ceremony and both walked away with an award...they were so excited and was their mommy!!  and of course, their biggest cheerleader, claire..she was so happy for them when their name was called out..Jake wasn't a huge fan of the clapping..but he got use to it.haha! 

Hanna was given the Academic Achievement Award...for excelling in all subjects...and let me just say, PREK has been great for her...what she has learned is leaps and bounds..and the girl who I thought wasn't a huge fan of school has become quiet the student and loves to learn and do her's been so great! So proud of her! 

an Hour later was Ty's turn for 1st grade....
and he was given the Math award...considering his aunt casey clipped out of college math and his aunt ashley is an accountant..lets just say he doesn't get that from me...ha! 
So, we were super proud of him..and he informed me he was going to get all the awards next, Go Get 'Em, Ty baby!! 
Ty loves school..and does proud of him!

So proud of our PREK and 1st grader...
way to GO!!! 

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