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Monday, October 24, 2016

ACU homecoming....

May the Lord Bless You and Keep You....
staple ACU song..sung at the end of most chapel, sing song, etc..a beautiful acapella song..

A few years ago..ACU started having an homecoming carnival on friday night of that's been so fun for the whole fam..and keeps getting bigger and better each year...this year they had more bouncy houses, food trucks and even a DJ..yes, there was some dancing going on at this C-squared event..Ty was gettin down with some, "dabbing and whip and nae name." 
they played and played/stood in line...haha..until the tummies finally said they were hungry...
It's always fun going back and seeing familiar faces!
I was going to try and make our club breakfast...but, i was sound asleep and Jake woke up right as it would have, i missed..but next year, I am excited to make it! My sister has yet to make her club breakfast...but I told her, there is always next! (they all start at the 6 o clock, it's pretty early)...and my mom , sister and I stayed up until midnight..yes, you read that correctly..midnight..that will probably never happen again...i only make it to that hour because of mom has never made it to that! but, was fun! 
Saturday, we opted to go watch Brady and SOphi play soccer vs the homecoming parade..but that is always a fun event..but, seeing B&S play was so great!! sophi even scored a goal for us..and did a little jig afterwards..she was super fun to see that..especially since it was her last game of the season. Ty was the honorary player on brady's team...he stood and "helped" the coach the whole game..haha! 
we went and ate at Blue Sky after the morning games along with all the other ACU fans..Ty said, "why is everyone here wearing purple?" lol...GO WILDCATS..when you have a family friendly restaurant...everyone attends..

IT was a fun filled weekend..and jake's first trip to abilene..

I love this pic...girls holding hands..and boys holding hands..

little dabbing from, ty!!

jake enjoyed it..

claire and mom-mom dancing...

willie the wildcat...or "WildKratts" as claire says..haha

blowup miniture golf course...

little wildcats..

under all our stuff..jake really is in the stroller..haha..

boys waited in line a good while to do these 

watch me me nae nae...

3 cute little boys..7, 6, 3M

the always fun, cut outs...

2 years ago..and now..

saturday morning..hanna got herself dressed, hat and purse included...and sat at sophi's vanity..and applied her "makeup." I mean, it gave me a glimpse of what is to come with her....AAHH!!! ha!

so brady bear...

mom-mom and her oldest grands...

sophi was all about jake...

GOOAALL...sophi...aka, "bubbles" (what her coach called her..haha)..

she always wanted to change his diaper..and by the looks of it..he liked it..haha! she did a great job.

hey there, momma!!

then breathing/coughing set it..and bless her little heart..couldn't stop..and of course, the 1 time i didn't travel with her neb!!!! AAHHH....she loves her aunt casey..and cuddled with her..and slept with her all weekend...

with a fun-filled weekend..comes a fast weekend..and sunday morning came fast...and we were up and out so we could get back home to daddy!! :) 

"May the Lord be with us as we are absent one from the other."  

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