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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Show pom parade...

Hanna was in her first parade with her show pom girls...for the Lee Rebels homecoming...and she was super excited. It was a crazy, chaotic time...and my plan of dropping hanna off there and then taking ty to football practice backfired when we got stuck in the congestion of the masses of people. so travis had to meet us at the church (where it was starting) to grab ty to take to practice..and me, claire and jake, watched hanna! there was a lot of running and we were all sweating by the end...but, seeing hanna's face light up and doing her little wave was all worth it!!! 
and claire loved the parade too!!

they did a couple cheers...and don't let ty fool you..he knows them too...haha! and so does, claire. haha! 

one went like this...
Hanna: "lets go rebels were #1...lets go rebels were #2."
Ty: "hanna, that doesn't make sense...are you sure thats how it goes." haha...
"mom, when you are at the parade let me know if thats really how it goes." lol.

" Big G litte o Go Go.."
"what color is our shirt, what color is our shirt...marroon, marron, marronn..white white white."

she is absolutely loving show poms and we can't wait for their next performance...

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