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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Jake's baby blessing..

On Sunday, Sept 18th, our little Jake Thayer was blessed at our church. We have such a wonderful church family and are so thankful they have blessed each of our children...and a special day for, Jake! 
Each blessing for our children have been different...and this one added a video..and the kids ,especially Ty, were so excited to talk and show off their little brother. 
On our way to the church to do our video, that was going to be viewed for the congregation on that sunday, Ty was so excited and asked if he could introduce, of course, we let him and it was so sweet. Even at 6 years old..he still has the sweetest little voice...and such a great heart. 

As, many know, Jake's struggle with reflux is not the easiest...bless his little heart just cries and can't get, being in public is tough since many just look and stare and typically he has had to be taken out of church until he calms down/falls, I prayed and prayed Jake would be good on his baby blessing since we were going to be up at the front for a bit..just wanted him to make it through that part...then he could carry on as he wished..
so, the day came and I had pumped b/c he also likes to eat right as we get to church...and thats also when the baby blessing was going to, i was prepared in case he decided he didn't want to wait. (he's not very patient when he is hungry..haha)..
so, we went up there...well, all but ty...he was too shy...ha...travis was holding Jake..he was doing great..and then started to get a little fussy..and i thought..oh's coming...but, travis repositioned and he was great!! he not only lasted through the church blessing us...but when we went with our elders to pray over him and take communion...he was amazing. He just looked at everyone and when mr, B was praying he was just staring at him..It took all I had not to tear up...i truly felt God was with us and him..and made our baby feel loved, protected and pain free...he did end up eating afterwards and that was his best church attendance so far!! It was such a great morning! 
and we are so blessed to have him..he brings us so much joy...and seeing his smiles just lights all our faces up!!! especially, b/c we know his reflux brings him pain so it's so great to see him happy! 

Staring at Mom-Mom. 

Gifts from the church... praise baby DVD...we love those..a Bible and GCR kids (ty's age) gave burp cloths....such sweet and cherished gifts! 

The first member families...

so blessed!!! 

the quatroby's!! :) 

We love you So very much, Jake!!! so glad you are the final piece that completes our family!! you are just perfect! 

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