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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Jake is 2M...

Happy 2M to this little guy!!! 

sometimes I can't believe he is already 2 M and sometimes I feel it has been longer. 
our sweet little boy is growing great and healthy..he is still struggling with reflux..but I do believe, with the help of meds he is getting better..not spitting up near as much volume..but still has the frequency and still pretty fussy since it hurts him. so, dr prescribed him nexium since zantac wasn't doing the trick..and he has been on that for 5 days now and I think doing even better. he still has his moments..but all things considering, I feel he is doing better. so, hopefully he will continue and will soon outgrow it. 

Since he still eats every 2 hours he has learned to eat anywhere!! haha! 
however, since starting Nexium, he has gone 4-6 hours a couple of times.. once I put him down at from about 9-1/2ish...depending on the day.
he definitely sleeps the best when in his bed. 
one of travis' Eteen people heard jake was having a hard time..and got us a "shhh machine." haha...I had never heard of it, but it literally says, shhhhhh, over and over, like a sound machine..and it's little and, it could go places. I of course used it...b/c we will try anything to help him...and i'd say he likes it..:) 

he attended his first parade..haha..

He has taught me patience (since he cries a lot b/c he hurts and can't get comfy)....but, I have chosen to find Joy and not frustration..which leads me to love him even more. 

He had his 2M check up ...and wasn't too happy about it..but, while waiting on his shots to arrive..found a comfy spot and took a little snooze...

tall and skinny...

look at those rubber band arms..hehe...

big smiles and still rockin the blues..

He wiggles around so much..I lay him at the top of bed..and he either turns to this position or I find him all the way at end of bed.

cheered on the red raiders to a victory..

and the cowboys...

we love our little boy so much...happy 2M, jake! 

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