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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Claire's turn...

Finally, the tueasday after labor day...Claire got to head back to school. She was so anxious and so ready to go! 

That morning she was dressed and ready to go, with back pack 6:30...we don't need to leave until 8:10 haha. she was just so excited. 

I intentionally waited to take her pic until ty and hanna were gone so she could have her own time to shine in a, when it came time to take her pic I said, " claire, let's take your picture for your first day of school."
Claire: "but, who am I going to take my picture with?" haha
good thing we had 

our big girl.headed to the big green door...

ready to go...

had to pull her back for a pic..she was ready to get to class..
once she walked in..she dropped her back pak..and never looked back...i yelled, "bye, claire, i love you" across the 
glad she will miss me..hahaha!

It's funny b/c last year, when it was just Ty in big school, I would feel guilty if we did anything fun but now I try to find fun things for claire to do, since 2 are at big school now..haha! 

not only did she start back to school...she also started the long awaited dance...
she could not have been more excited...i was so happy for her...
We got there about 20 min early because we neeeded to get her new tap and ballet shoes that morning so, since we were the only ones there and she saw an empty room...she looked in the mirror and started doing hanna's old dance recital dance (since we all know it..haha)...the workers were cracking up at her...and also sad to know hanna wasn't going to dance this year. 
claire loved i knew she would..and so glad she has her own special time! 

so, since hanna decided to not do dance..I switched claire to a morning class, we can have 1 day of no after school activities..

so, claire does dance mon 10-10:45

hanna is now in Show Poms.. (a non-competitive cheer/dance squad)

she goes Monday 3:45-4:30....

and has already had her first the lee high homecoming parade...she had so much fun..and was worth the running around, claire, jake and I did trying to watch her...phew..that was contested...travis and ty had to be at fball. 

she asks everyday after school if she has show, seems she loves it! 

with labor day, it brought a slew of new activities..but, we choose to let our kids be, we accept the busy schedules..and are happy to be their Uber XL haha! 

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