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Friday, September 2, 2016

Back to School...

I've had this post half way down for a week now..but with has yet to be, i'm going to try now..ha..that i'm at the lake with an extra set of hands (mom-mom) to help with jake! 

The kids have been in school for 3 weeks now and we are all adjusting well...Ty and Hanna are loving school..girls love new gymnastics time and class...Claire is somewhat adjusting to not having her oldest sibs home..but we are enjoying our days...we are anxiously awaiting the tuesday after Labor day for Claire to start...she asks everyday if it's time to meet her teacher and when does she get to go to school.  (and then claire starts dance, hanna starts show poms and ty starts flag fball). 

Jake is suffering from some pretty bad claire and I spend the days trying to console him..bless his little heart it just hurts him..not to mention we both wear the  "spit up perfume" constantly. but we are making it...praying it goes away soon for him. life for him is tough right now! and hard as a mom when you can't seem to be able to fix it! 

but he is growing..over 10lbs now...3 pounds in 6 weeks. :) 

Claire LOVES to go on we have been trying to do that in the mornings..and usually ends up with them both falling asleep....late nights and early mornings = early naps. Apparently, claire misses her big sibs so much she doesn't want to sleep but just play with them and keep them awake too! ha! 

caught a little smile..

put him in his froggy...and a little while later....

this happened...and he actually slept for like an hour was a miracle.haha! 

I love the Class Dojo this year at fun getting texts from the kids teachers...This was Hanna showing the class "all about me" ..her dance and gymnastics medals...

Hanna's first homework assignment...she took such pride in it and did so well..i was so proud of her..haha! 

Ty officially is a first grader at church...on promotion sunday he got a new bible, shirt and cd with memory verse songs...he was so excited..and we immediately had to listen to his cd on the way home from church and then brought his cd player from his room into the den so we could continue listening. 

you know you are not use to having your built in playmates when you resort to talking to the neighborhood ducks..haha! poor claire! hahaha...

"mom, watch me twirl." 
nailed it..haha..

claire's favorite walking destination..."the park."

constantly wanting to hold jake..

last saturday we had our first family tennis match...we had such a great time...the kids love tennis so, it was fun getting them out there..and claire decided to be the best little ball girl..haha! it was perfect. 

This picture cracked us up...i said, let me take your picture..and this was their natural poses...perfect depiction of them...
Claire our little sport lover...i mean, check out that perfect backhand..haha...and Ty the mr cool...and hanna prissy yet fisty..haha! 

we had a few good volley's...may not have played by the rules..but hitting the ball is the fun part..

our audience..hehe..

Jake's first official trip to church....first service and class. 

Picture day happened... claire said, "bye, i'll be in my clothes to pick you up." haha. 

ready for Labor Day weekend and a nice getaway to the lake!

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