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Thursday, August 18, 2016

First day of 1st and PreK4...

First day of school for Ty and Hanna started wednesday, aug 17th at 8:00am...
they were very fact..they both were up and dressed at 4am b/c they didn't want to be late..ha! those crazies were sent back to bed...apparently Ty's alarm went off, we fixed that first thing in the morning..haha! 
Ty has been prepping Hanna and telling her all about Midland Academy Charter...(Hanna is getting to attend pre-k there since her mom-mom works there and can enroll since she is an administrator, since she is an oct baby, she was ready and eager to, we were all excited for her)....
so, when they were up again, this time at normal waking hours, I was rubbing Hanna' s back and felt something under her dress..I asked her what that was, she said, "Oh, those are shorts. Ty told me if I wear a dress I have to wear shorts underneath." ahh..sweet big brother...
but, i told her to take those shorts off and I had some little shorts that go under dresses for her. 

Claire was a little confused..she 1) wanted to go to school with them and 2) since she and Hanna typically always match she asked where her "school dress like Hanna's is?" haha..
so, since she didn't have a matching dress...she wore her matching shoes. 

after some 1st day of school was time to roll...

the lunchboxes were just for pic...they were empty inside as it was pizza day...and I learned from last year...never pack a lunch on pizza day..haha! so, ty really talked it up to hanna but hanna isn't as big of a pizza lover as ty, I was nervous she wouldn't eat much...but, thanks to a little birdie spy..i heard she ate it all..yay...especially since she didn't want breakfast. 

poor ty...he had outgrown all his tennis shoes this summer..but since he really didn't wear them much (mainly wore his flip flops and crocs) i told him just to wear his old ones b/c he had to save his new ones for school...haha..
so, he was super excited about getting to finally wear hi new tennis shoes...and once he got home from school he asked if he could keep wearing them now..haha! poor guy..i bet his toes are happy to have some room now! ha! 

and our newest member of Midland Academy...Hanna...
she was just so excited. 

first graders use the draw string backpack...

whole family there for the drop off.....

Hanna did so great..until she saw me start crying...then it made her start crying and cling to me...and then to travis..but, once we left...she was golden. 
I will (and have) missed my little girl and helper...but i know she is in the right place for her! 

so, since Hanna's drop off took a little longer than expected..Ty's was rushed and even a tad I just snapped this pic really fast so I wouldn't embarrass him in front of all his friends. ha! 
 He was a pro and was excited to get back to school. He has a few classmates from last year...but a lot of new faces...but at recess he found his good buds from last year and played with he was happy about that.

next year, on the first day, I am getting there an hour early to have plenty of time...i didn't like feeling rushed...haha! 

since we left hanna in some tears and with her mom-mom, so we could rush ty to his class since they bell had just made me uneasy leaving, a little spy sent us these pics of hanna..having a great time 

Claire and I tried to stay, we started at the donut shop...

ran a couple errands...
then jake was actually/finally we decided to bake...
i think she enjoyed not having to share, pouring in ingredients, "scooping" and licking the batter..haha...

but sister-sue missed her ty and hanna so much, kept making references about them...wondering it was time yet..and was pretty quiet all day...
so, once 3:30 came along she was the first in line to get was so sweet! 

and was sooo excited to see them...
but, I must admit..i loved my time with her...
and will enjoy our time on m/w/f and then my one on one with jake t/th once claire's starts.  

they both had great first days, 
Hanna's was "Awesome" and Ty's was "great."

Ty:" mom, guess what? The coolest thing about 1st grade is you can play on both the concrete and the don't have to choose anymore." haha!! 
"I already have lots of homework." 

(which he I ready for this? haha). 

Hanna:" I colored, cut out paper, used magic soap, ate in the cafeteria and played outside." haha..
Joys of PK.

Today: they didn't wake up at 4..haha..yay...but, hanna did wake up before Ty and went and woke up him up. 
After I was finished feeding jake and went to check on 7...they were both ready to go. 

and since travis' office is nextdoor...he is going to take them to, they were excited to ride in "daddy's truck" and he enjoys taking them..and me, claire and jake got to tell them good bye in our for all! haha! 

Today we had a baby we got all dolled up...

help fixing his hair..

and according to claire...he always needs a blanket..

but, even with a fun shower and fun one on one outdoor playtime,..claire still asks if it's time to pick up ty and hanna! ha. 

can't wait to hear how day 2 goes. 

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