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Sunday, July 10, 2016

T bar M Camp...

The Camp we (or maybe just I..haha) had been waiting for, for a year, finally came for Ty...since you have to be entering 1st grade to be able to attend. I loved seeing /hearing about it last year, so after researching I knew Ty would love, we signed up immediately the day it opened for registration!
T Bar M was so was everything a parent and kid would want. Ty is all about playing with others (i.e. "playing by myself is boring")...but especially boys..he's all about that lately. So, the camp was perfect timing. 
It's a christian based camp that makes learning about God fun.
They separate boys and well as their ages. So, Ty was in a group just with boys 6 years old...who did a lot of sports and competitive, Ty LOVED it.
They have a checklist of items to bring which includes a Bible and pencil....Ty just had an illustrated Bible from a couple years, I decided since he can read now and with this camp, it was time to upgrade...and he was so excited about it when he got home that day....and has wanted to read it everyday since...which makes this momma soooo happy! so, he's almost done with Genesis..:) 

He had a great time, was worn out, and made some good new friends. 

and, I also loved it b/c they upload pictures everyday of the, that was so fun seeing cute, familiar faces of what went on from 8:30-4:30!

On the last day, they have a closing ceremonies for the last hour of camp that shows the parents a little of what they did all week...lots of chants/cheers, slide show and then each group went back to their tent and each kid was  presented with a little "brag" speech and award. of course, as a parent, it's always good to hear praises of your child. 
Ty got the "Discipline" award b/c " Ty always knew when it was time for fun and when time to play...when we did our devotions he was always focused and attentive, wanting to learn. He always said, yes sir and no sir and opened the doors for the girls when we were together...which is  such a good thing to see at such a young age." 

I was so proud to hear such sweet Ty looked down the whole time his coach was speaking...haha! not one to like being in front of crowds..haha! 

Can't wait for next year. 

First day, drop off...the rest of the days we just did a drive through drop off..that was nice..haha!

team squawfeather...haha! 

Lots of boy stuff..
(hanna saw pics of girls painting their, she can't wait to 

daily devotions...

I was so nervous about sending him to camp in the 105+ heat all, I would alway load him up with water...but, they did a great job of managing inside and outside activities..and water activities were always involved when outside...

they did 2 of ty's fav...dodgeball and flag football..haha...

Star Wars day...

Lots of fun..and a great great camp! 

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