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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Room for 1 More...

Today ( Sunday)hits the 37 week mark...just 2 more weeks and we will for sure meet our little guy!(having a c-section so get to cut out 1 week..;)  
The whole fam is super excited and can hardly wait. I get asked Daily, minutely, if it's time for baby Jake. can't wait until I can answer, yes!!! 

Nesting hit hard..but i think we are about done..haha! 
Flowerbeds are done
Garage cleaned out (with that all flashlights have new working batteries..haha...always need to be prepared..haha). 
Fence restored and re stained
tile and carpet cleaned
orgainzing done around house (well, a little...there is still a ton more..that job is never done..ha)
old documents shredded...
car cleaned, oil changed, inspection done...
and most a pedicure..haha! 

so, this weekend we just had to hang pictures in a few different spots (since we lost our downstairs playroom...converted back to nursery).

so, we were able to mainly relax...and take a few "bump" pics before it leaves..haha! 

excuse my man fingernails were not painted.. (impromptu decision for pics before church) it was already so my veins are popping out...looks real feminine...but, what do you do?

 3 siblings who are over the moon, excited for "baby jake" to get here!

but we were sooo hot...haha! 

are you sure we're ready for #4???? haha!

More like...i am so hot...are we done? ha! 

Jake's room is about complete...just need a little knick knacks stuff...put the momma roo and monitors together and hang some clothes..haha! but, that will all be done soon! 

So, grateful we saved Ty's bedding..and the deer head! 

The duck decoys were Travis' touch...he was so proud..haha! 

Jake, you are so loved and we are ready to meet you! 

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