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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Family of 6...

This is our Happily Every After...

Family of 6...
Lots of Love

So far things are going good...but, then again, we haven't had to be anywhere at a certain time, we can take our time and no coordinated feedings yet. but, that will change in a few weeks when school starts...that will be the real test! 
and so thankful for such wonderful friends who are spoiling us and bringing us, I haven't had to coordinate feedings and cooking yet! 

Jake is doing great...just growing...and learning to handle the loudness and constant bothering of him. 

he is a super, I change his clothes and blankets at least 4 times a day/night...thank goodness for pads that saves his sheets...but, that means I wash those frequently too! haha! 

so, blessed with 4 healthy babies...still can't believe they are ours!!! 

photo cred: ty and hanna...(trav wasn't there yet)..haha

me and my boys 

3 handsome boys..

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