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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

4th of July...

This 4th of July we stayed home with the upcoming arrival of baby Jake. So, we melted in the heat..and tried to stay in water as much as we could. 
With the holiday being on a monday travis had a long, we did a little bit of work and a little play during the weekend...and enjoyed hanging out all together one extra day on monday. Went to the Children's parade..after standing in smoothering heat for an hour I had never been more excited to start walking to get a little breeze. haha! 
After the parade and lunch we went to some friends for swimming and cooking swam all afternoon and finally about 7ish it was time to get home. they were pooped as were staying up to watch fireworks for this fam...although Ty reallllllyyyyyy wanted to...but, b/c they didn't start until 10 and he had camp the next day at 8...that didn't sound like a great idea..and bless his little heart was fast asleep before 10 anyway! ha! 
but, he made us promise "next year when we get a little older." you got it buddy! "and not the little ones, the big ones." haha! 

A fun filled family weekend!

I took these pics a few weeks before the 4th..luckily our wonderful neighbors allowed us to use their awesome red, Ford truck..the all-american vehicle! 

I was going to put Hanna in a mermaid camp (since she is still obsessed with them..and wants to be one when she grows up) after talking to them  on the phone they said, although she was 4.5 and not 5...she would probably be ok and to bring her, I  took her up there only to be turned down b/c now they say earliest age is 6!!! WHAT!! that's not cool. totally shot her hopes down..ha...but she handled it super well, actually, a lot better than I did..I was about in tears for her! I would have never mentioned anything had they said that from the get go! not cool, COM...haha! SO, b/c of that she got a new mermaid tail...and one on the way! haha! 

our little mermaid...

The olympic trials have inspired our family for swimming, diving and gymnastics..

no other way to celebrate the 4th weekend than with a swimming pool and a bucket of watermelon!

my kind of girl...

Sunday afternoon, Ty asked If we could "leave the girls with daddy and go get a new nerf gun and orange leaf." 
so,I can't say no to that...but, since he had just gotten a new toy, he had to bring his money and pay for half of his ginormous nerf gun...he was so excited to "pay for it." 
and even offered to pay for orange leaf...sweet sweet boy...but, i told him that was on me! :) 

Children's parade...

Last year, they all took their bikes....but, this year, Ty wanted his scooter since last year the line wasn't going fast enough to stay upright on his bike....too much stopping and starting....and claire asked for the stroller....YOU GOT IT!! haha! hanna stuck to her bike again..but actually rode it the whole time...of course the year travis is there to help they all stick to their riding item the whole time. haha! but, very thankful for that! 

no other way to beat this excessive heat than in a pool...a bunch of raiders and 2 aggies! haha!

we had a great time celebrating...
and it was a perfect ending....
2 sleeping girls on the way home..

Happy 4th!!!

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