Rollin' with the Roby's

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Family of 6...

This is our Happily Every After...

Family of 6...
Lots of Love

So far things are going good...but, then again, we haven't had to be anywhere at a certain time, we can take our time and no coordinated feedings yet. but, that will change in a few weeks when school starts...that will be the real test! 
and so thankful for such wonderful friends who are spoiling us and bringing us, I haven't had to coordinate feedings and cooking yet! 

Jake is doing great...just growing...and learning to handle the loudness and constant bothering of him. 

he is a super, I change his clothes and blankets at least 4 times a day/night...thank goodness for pads that saves his sheets...but, that means I wash those frequently too! haha! 

so, blessed with 4 healthy babies...still can't believe they are ours!!! 

photo cred: ty and hanna...(trav wasn't there yet)..haha

me and my boys 

3 handsome boys..

Friday, July 29, 2016

First Lost Tooth...

Ty has had a loose tooth for what seems like FOREVER...a few months...if not longer...and he finally lost it on Saturday, July 23rd while at my sisters house. 
Luckily, cousin brady had a tooth necklace he received  from the nurse when he lost a tooth  at, ty got to keep his tooth safe and sound in the tooth necklace until he came home and the tooth fairy could see him. 
So, on monday night, the tooth fairy came and saw him and brought money. ($1 bill, $1 coin and 5 pennies)! our neighbors gave ty and hanna a tooth holder a couple years that's what we used..and inside they put the, we just added a $1. :) 
he was super excited and woke up in the middle of the night to see the exchange and came and told me..haha! 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Happy Birthday, Jake...

On July 15th, 2016, Jake Thayer came into the world at 8:37pm...7 lbs 1 oz..20" long. 
a few weeks earlier than expected. 

I was having regular, with it being my 4th, they wanted me to get to hospital...and a few hours later..Jake was 37 weeks 5 days.

B/c of that...He had a little challenge of breathing and he had to visit the NICU for 5 days.. (Fri-wed) ...where he was put on vapotherm for oxygen..where he weaned off that on monday to basic nasal cannula and then completely off oxygen tuesday. 
On Sunday, we got to hold him for the first time....Tears of joy burst out...I could cry now thinking about it....such a wonderful moment. and...I was thrilled to hear I could nurse him...I was beyond excited! So, every 3 hours, I walked down to NICU, set my fancy (sarcastic) privacy screens up, took his vitals (yes, i was his nurse too..haha) and began to was over an hour long process...but well worth it. 

Monday, Jake was moved to the step down unit...which is just one step closer to going home..and allowed a whole lot more privacy for was very nice. 
That night, his IV was, I asked the nurse if he could ask NP if we could just d/c it since he was just having one more dose of antibiotics..and I was nursing full time anyway, he didn't need the fluids....and the NP said, to get a blood draw first to see results and since results were good we were able to D/c IV...I WAS SO HAPPY! one more step to going home. plus, nursing a newborn is a trial in itself...but adding IV and wires made it more, that was so nice to get that out of the way! ha! 
Tuesday, we were moved to the "room in" room..a little room in NICU for parents to stay with their baby to prepare you in going home...another exciting moment. 
and wednesday, we were outta there! and it could not have come fast enough....we were super anxious to get out of there...b/c I knew our little boy was tough and well enough...and he needed to be home with his family. 
Tuesday, once he was off oxygen...the other 3 kids were able to come up and see him through a viewing window...they were so excited...but of course, still wanted to see him. and I hated they couldn't....just so many rules! but, glad they got a peak at him. they had been dying to meet him. Friday night, after everything happened and kids were leaving with my parents...hanna was crying b/c she wanted to stay and take care of mommy and baby jake. she was so concerned. 
and the other days they would come visit...the adults were able to go see jake in nicu but not them....and they could never understand that either. It was hard. 

 It was the hardest and longest 5 days of my life...and I could not wait to get Jake home. 

Thankfully, with a c-section, you get to stay at the hospital for 4 days when your child goes to, I was able to elongate my stay..and the last day, we were able to "room in" with, we could still be in hosptial with we never had to leave him....for that I am so thankful...It could have been a lot worse. 

Om wednesday, we got home, took a shower, got some stuff situated then the rest of the troops was a WONDERFUL moment. so nice to be home with everyone...and Jake sure did get lots and lots of love. 

I am so thankful for my parents, sister and in laws for helping take care of the other 3 kids while we stayed in the hospital. I never once worried about them b/c I knew they were in good less thing to worry about. so, that was so helpful. 

It was also nice, since having worked in that NICU, knowing majority of nurses and NP, so that helped our stay and gave him a little more attention...!! ;) 

Happy birthday, Jake!!

Ty took this pic..he thought it was so funny..haha...

last pic as fam of 5...we could all not wait for baby jake..

Happy birthday, Jake...


Travis stayed in NICU the first night until about midnight..and would send me pics and videos..since I couldn't get there yet. 

but first thing the next morning, we were in there. may have been a little too soon for me, since I threw up..but was funny, b/c some nursing friends saw me and said, the last time I was in there I was doing the same thing...which was when I was pregnant with Ty and would get sick and use my patients bedside trashcan...haha! 

our sweet little boy...

ty drew jake a pic for his bed....the sweetest thing....

first time seeing my little baby!

first time holding greater feeling...

grandparents got to hold him too..yes, we shared..haha! 

 Look who is off oxygen...and in his own was soooo awesome..

in the step down unit...

in our rooming in room we had time for a little photo sess..haha!what you do for one kid you have to do with the others...haha!

hey, there sweet and handsome boy!!!

 The day the kids got to see him...wish i could have been on the other side taking their facial reactions...they were soooo excited. Lots of smiles! so so sweet. 

love this pic of the girls with cousin sophi...Jake had a big fan club. 

"Mommy, will you take mine and brady's picture like this." haha.

Jake says, Robin, get the bat mobile...lets bust out of here...

this is what we all thought about waiting to be discharged....BORING!! haha! 

Not so boring at our house...these 3 could not run fast enough to see him...and i had to wait my turn to hold him...haha! 

It was the sweetest, most heart warming feeling we had all our family together..and so much love! 
our little world....

 Not sure who is more of the baby hog...claire or hanna! haha...

big cousin brady was super excited about him too..he was so sweet with him...he said, he's going to teach jake, "math, science, legos and minecraft." 
ty said, he's going to teach him, "athletics." haha..

sophi was always getting dressed up for him...

hanna, of course, as we knew she would be, was super into him and very sweet....she got all her doc mcstuffins garb on and gave him the cutest check was so cute to watch...she was in the element. 

ty is all about him too...but, wants to hold him standing up...not yet buddy! He also can't wait to carry him on his shoulders..haha! all in due time. 

our first night home was rough, as he cried and cried for several hours...i think with an upset stomach just couldn't get comfy....but the next day, he snoozed in his own crib and seemed to enjoy it...sure hope he thinks that way at night!!! 

and he likes his little momma roo...

And on Thursday, he had his first, at home, bath!!!
hey, there handsome...:)

Lots of tears and prayers happened over the past 5 days...but thankful for answered prayers..we are home and doing great!!! 

Jake, you make us all so happy...and you are certainly extremely loved!!!