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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Summer camps...

Not skipping a beat, or a day of no-activities, the kids started raquetclub camp...m-th 9-12:30....they did tennis, swimming, crafts, snacks and lunch. 
They went last year and couldn't wait to go back...and claire is excited to go next year! 
always good for them to get outside and be active....and even though they had the snacks and lunch...they always got in the car "starving and sooooo thirsty." haha! means they were working hard! 

that week swim lessons also started...4-4:30, for brady, sophi and claire...for 2 weeks. 

claire was super excited to acually get to be involved and not on the sidelines...and I was so excited for her...

she did so great...and was swimming by the end. I was impressed...wasn't sure what would happen in just a short 2 week period..but she did amazing...but, will keep her in the puddle jumper so i don't have to be in the water with her at all times...ha! i'm all about safety first..and not swimming on your own this stage of my life..ha! 

VBS was the next week after RCC....the kids went to FUMC 9-12 M-R to Cave Quest! They were all split up into different groups...but they all made new friends and saw several of their friends and seemed to have a great time. 

claire wanted her pic taken by herself...ha..she asked every 5 min..every day, "is it time to pick them up yet?" she missed her running crew...mommy wasn't cutting it..! ha! 

they have had a fun 3 weeks together...but after our trip to the lake we will part ways! and B&S return to their parents. 
so, i assume first thing monday morning..i will hear, "I'm bored." ha...since it will be our first day since summer let out that the kids haven't had any scheduled activity and no cousins to constantly play with! haha! 

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