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Monday, June 6, 2016


Summer time means...cabin is open...and we can't wait to get down there! The smell of fresh air, river playing, daily walks, wildlife...and just laying low. It's just matter how many kids we have there!! may be loud..but the animals finally learn..and still come around! 
Hanna was, once again, the animal whisperer, and was first to feed and touch the deer...naming them all...and of course, her snail collection was strong...naming all of them as well! haha! We did make her keep them in ruidoso this year (last year her friends didn't last long in midland..haha)...and she wasn't too fond of that idea..she said, "but the snails will get away....they know how to crawl." lol! 

Ty and Brady were all about the fort by the river this year..and they were all old enough to play down there as we sat up and watched...the imaginations were going wild. 

the deer are always fed exceptionally well when the kids are there...haha! we go through so much corn. 

ty loves the pick axe....he could spend hours chopping at stumps...i really need to get some logs and an axe in midland..haha! 

although we wake up to 50 degree temps...that hot sun warms things up in the it's rivertime...

mom-mom and her little "german girl" as she calls her..haha! 

this j crew dress has been worn to the cabin when sophi was 2...and then hanna..and now claire..

fire every morning...

this hula hoop has been around 3-4 generations of hips....and claire is a hula hoop queen....she made us watch her was loving it!

the day we went to town....and it didn't last long...we made it to one shop..and the crowds were too much for, we went back to our hideout at the cabin..ha! 

sweet cousins..and their kindles...

the whole time claire ran a 102 fever and was on breathing treatments...of course! I am sure she got her big sibs dose of strep...but, we did our own treatments...motrin and breathing treatments...and took her to dr once we got home. sure enough her lymph nodes were extremely swollen and had some sort of virus...and it finally ran its course a few days later! 

Hanna's snail collection...the most girly girl...but loves her animals! except..bugs and spiders.haha! 

little morning nap during a walk...

we busted out sophi's sno cone maker for an afternoon snack...they were  big hits.

where you could find this girl....with her "lula hoop"

can't leave the cabin without getting your mark...
brady and sophi both grew  2 3/4" in a year
ty and hanna 2.5 " 
and claire 3.5" 

Ty is still just growing right along with my marks..and brady is still shorter than casey at a year older...she was a GIANT!! can you imagine a 6 year old being taller than brady (who is 7?), she was tall! haha! 

we had such a wonderful time...and a great start to summer break...sadly, it will be our (my fan's) only chance to get up there this summer b/c of baby jake's arrival...but he'll be worth it....glad we could make it at least this once.

My dad bought a new boat and it just so happened to be ready that same, he and travis decided to stay back and "break in" the new boat. 
and guess it works b/c trav caught a 9.5 lb bass! and I know they had a good time fishing for 3 days!  but i know he is bummed he won't make it up to the cabin this year..first time since we've been dating! 
but, so happy for him to for the catch! 

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