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Friday, June 10, 2016

Claire's first haircut...

At 2.5 years old, Claire had her first was time to cut the baby hair off and shape it up. 

Hanna went first to "show her how it's done." 

and when it was claire's turn she was nothing but super UNExcited! haha! she cried the whole time....which is why there aren't more pictures. 
I had to squat in front of her holding her stomach preventing her from falling forward...b/c she just wanted mommy! lol! 
Luckily, our hairstylist is a good friend and understood me letting my kid cry for a haircut and was super fast with her....i just felt bad she cried the whole time...for claire and shelley's sake..haha! 

she may not have acted like she liked it during or after...but, once we got home she loved it and just shook her hair all the time. 

Makes her look so much older..but its so much cooler for summer and much easier to brush and fix. 

like i said, she was super excited....this is also what happens when you think you are over naps...

her hair looked beautiful for swim lessons..haha! 

first haircut in the books...lets hope the next ones go better. IT was my first experience of kids crying at hair other 2 always love theirs.haha! 

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