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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Baby Jake...

Jake, although I haven't blogged about you near as much as your siblings, or updated everytime you grew to a new fruit....I love you and am so excited to meet you...and you are incredibly loved by your  whole family and friends...we all can't wait for you to get here. 

so, you started as a little bean..

you're sisters were sooooo excited to get a glimpse of you....and ty talks about everything he is going to teach you...

and you were proud of your boy shame.

and then you grew to about 22-23 weeks...and we got confirmation that you, are still in fact, a boy....and we named you Jake Thayer Roby.
JTR your great great granddaddy, great granddaddy, granddaddy and'll bet the 5th generation of JTR...who are all John Theodore...but your daddy is John Travis..and you'll be Jake Thayer...
Jake, because Daddy really liked it...mentioned it to kids..and of course, the world knew that name..haha! so, it stuck...good thing we all liked it..haha!
Thayer, b/c it was a "T" name. haha! We had a hard time finding the perfect T name for you...thanks to a little google search of cities in america..we found Thayer.! ha! 

and finally, you were named! 

like i are soo incredibly loved by all already...

The neighborhood girls surprised me...clearly, or I would have dressed/looked better...instead of our typical wine night...they had a baby shower for us instead! It was soooo incredibly sweet....they had decorations, food, dessert and showered you with sweet gifts to help be prepared for your arrival! 
I was so so shocked and couldn't believe it....but then again, they are they best neighbors and such sweet sweet, i wouldn't put it past them...but they are super sneaky..i had no clue!

then I was 32 weeks and you were spoiled with a shower hosted by some amazing got set up with diapers, wipes and a few other necessities. 

and the cutest cookies were made in your honor..and they tasted so great too. So glad we have such talented friends.

and that night, all the hostesses treated me to a girls dinner. It was so yummy and soooooo great catching up with everyone! We have the best group of friends who spoiled us rotten! They were so sweet to take time out of their busy schedule to honor you! we are so incredibly blessed! 

so very thankful for this wonderful group of girls, their hubs and kids! 

We are all super excited to meet you...only 6 more weeks now!
we are trying to get your room ready...but, with our busy's been hard...but, i promise it will get done before you arrive! :) are about 4.5lbs and the size of a pineapple! :) you are a monster kicker...super active and have forceful moves. In fact, I had them double check my fluids b/c i was worried you didn't have enough cushion in there..b/c you move and kick the fire out of me! ha! 
you are also transverse..i believe, you seem to be laying across my belly..and very low...i believe you are stuck, good thing i am having a c-section. 

no food aversions or cravings to speak of...(except beloved coffee has been off the radar this pregnancy...i can't stand the smell or taste..thanks for making me lose my little caffeine..haha..hoping that changes when you get here). but a lot doesn't sound great. although, i was introduced to Julio's queso at the lake, and that may be my new favorite food! best, already made, queso i have tasted..and I'm a self -proclaimed queso snob! ha! 

because of your position you keep me up at night with every couple hour bathroom trips...sure hope that's not a sign of how you will want to feed when you come out! ha!

we are just so excited about you and love you so much already, Jake! 

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