Rollin' with the Roby's

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Lake bums...

Being at the lake all the time is how I grew dad has always had a boat..since college. (and his dad always had a boat), since the lake (fishing) was his love...we were always, skiing, tubing, jet skis, knee many memories on the water. 

so, now that our kids are old enough to enjoy the water sports, and the lake caught some water...we finally had the chance to introduce them to true ake living. 
Typically, when we go to the lake, we just play outside and fishing is the main option...but, now with a little water....we got the "babe boat" as we call it, out...(the girls boat) and definitely used it more than it has been in years. 
Grandpa bought a new inter tube and new ski's...and we had a blast. and the kids (and adults) were worn out. 
When I was 5 and learned to ski my dad rigged up our kid ski's by drilling hooks in top of ski's and attaching rope to them to keep them together...
now..., we learned, they actually make training ski's..which is what our kids used...very different and very strange.ha. still not sure how I feel about it. 
The skies are held together with a bar (that can be taken out) and the ski rope (so complicated itself) it attached to top of ski's and then someone has another end of the rope (another handle) in the boat to hold, when the kid falls, you let go of the rope...the rope isn't attached to boat at all. 
you have to adjust the rope to their height..which we did not do..b/c it was too time consuming doing it for 4 different, that made them not be able to fully stand up...but, they got the concept and the gist..and had a good time. 
Hanna's attitude of "I can do it better" really shined for skiing..haha..she was not going to let anyone out run her..haha! but, on the last day, she was exhausted and ty pulled through and had an almost 3 minutes, he won! haha! and she wan't too happy. ha! 
after that run we were all tired and ready to go back to the, next time hanna! 

Just when dad thought he was done pulling kids on skis and tubes..his grandkids came along..haha! 

we've had the best time and making lots of new memories...of course, tubing is the crowd favorite..even claire got out there and tubed with them. She started one weekend with my sister..and the next weekend, she was going with just the kids..haha! she did great...but once when they went out of the heart was, i yelled for my dad to stop..haha! That was the most nervous I had been..haha! Not ready for my 2 year old to get bucked off the tube yet! ha! which, he was pulling them slowly...they just happened to catch a little bump and out of the wake they went...they loved it..i did not! haha! 

It just makes you smile and laugh when you see your kids having such a great time...and your husband...he loved tubing with the boys as much as they did! haha! at one point..they hit a huge wake and ty went flying up...and if it wasn't for travis pulling him back down..ty would have been! that was pretty funny! 
Now, if the lake could catch some more would be awesome...we will keep praying! :) 

Bedtime is always pretty easy...worn out kiddos. 
(side note...this is how ty anyone who sleeps with him is always stuck with a small part of the imagine, when there are 2 adults and 3 kids in one bed.with a pregnant 

still notwater to the dock...but kiddie pool to the rescue...
as long as kids have water...there is always a good time..haha. 

girls turn to tube...

one weekend travis had a couple funny spills off the boat dealing with ropes and he was always ok. 

the boys hit a bump and ty literally flipped over..but still managed to hang on..haha! woohoo. 

sophi with the boys...

since I can't get in the water...I was on camera patrol..and mom had ski duty....

yay TY!!! first time to ski..first time up! 

we would go out for a few hours in the morning...come back for a late lunch and rest.. and then got back out...this day the boys just wanted to go, that's what we did! 

rough day for a, swimming it was..haha! 

the sweetest smiles and laughs on this tube...

this little girl OBSESSIVELY LOVES: buggy rides, boat rides and head tile and a sweet little voice..and Grandpa can't say no....she is a grandpa's girl for sure. 

casey got to come down after her conference in, the kids were excited to show her their new tricks...brady and sophi loved the tube..and it's b/c it runs in their gene's...casey also was a huge fan of the tube. naturally, she had to ride with them. 

trav, ty and hanna..hanna doesn't like to be, she was gearing up for take off..haha !

but, just stopping to swim was always a big hit.

claire called it, " the swimming pool." haha! 

these 3 boys..haha...had the best time! 

Hanna thought she was holding them (since that's what you did with the ski's) and it was sooo cute..and so funny! look at that determined face! 

girl time...claire loves her aunt, since she was there and going...she went with her...and loved it! "Go faster" she would say...haha! 

such a good and fun dad...

our set up for 2nd time of a bank. 

hanna's first time....and first time up...she did awesome. i don't think she opened her eyes at all...haha! 

here ty goes again....

same pose...different kid..haha. 

claire kept asking if she could ski...but since she's too little for those ski's...playing in the mud it was..haha! 

brady bear's best run...

ty's best run...
claire living the life...

and what happened when coming in..usually at least 3 kids asleep...ty and sophi (the 2 that never sleep) were always still going strong. ha! 

all 5 kids in the tube...

3 little roby's in a tube...

This is how father's day weekend started...

and this is how each night usually ended..usually before mom and hanna asleep together. on the couch or chair..haha! 

both our bears...brady bear and claire bear. 
"brady, can I sit with you?"

now, all we need is claire to get up...and then Jake...yup..that's me in the yellow life jacket..haha!

as much fun as we have had... our lake trips have come to halt until baby comes!!! 

now, it's baby mode!!!