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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pool time...

Spring time means swim lessons..and warmer temps...typically..haha! 
Ty and Hanna started swim again in April...twice a week for 30 min...which meant...

M- hanna gymnastics 12-1
swim lessons 4-4:30 (ty out of school at 3;30)
baseball 6-7

T-Hanna dance 4:30-5:15

W: Girls gymnastics 11-1
swim 4:-4:30

R: Baseball

Friday: OFF WOOHOO! 

The kids LOVE to swim...which is why they were refreashers and technique is always nice. They quickly picked up where they left off last year and always had a great time..
Claire was such a sweet little sister and watched and waited. I thought this year might be hard keeping her out of pool..since she also loves to swim..but I expained to her when she turns 3 she can start swim lessons (no mommy and me for this momma) and she understood and would tell everyone that story..haha! 
It also helped since she will be taking lessons this summer at my parents pool since the teacher takes 2.5 yr come June she is going to be so excited and finally gets to participate and not just watch! She's pretty excited! 

the Kids were suppose to go through May, were getting super tired with all the activities and was, we cancelled the month of may! and I can already tell it's been so nice just not having to rush so much! 

first day....

they were in separate pools this year..made it challenging to watch..but, we found a spot in the waiting room we could sit and watch both....but, we typically did a lot of back and forth! 

really working on ty's freestyle, back stroke technique and pushing off of wall. 

on the last day of the month they do a "safety day" which is more a fun day....they talk a little safety at the beginning but then it's off to the diving boards and rope swings...the kids favorite. 

there is always a theme and this one happened to be star wars...ty's newest obsession. 

and with the warmer weather..and a pool heater...we got to go swimming!!!!

first swim of the year...
I always get so excited for claire to do things like her big bro and sis...being under 3 is tough. she was so happy to go swimming. 

I envision us here a lot this summer...pools will be our friend. :) 

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