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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Last Season of Tball..

What a fun year Ty had at his last season of tball....which was coach pitch. 

Travis was coach again...he is just so great with the kids, making it fun, and learning all at the same time. 
Ty played mondays and thursdays at 6:00...and we lucked out with the weather..of course we had some windy days (thats just spring in midland) but never had any games cancelled and the nights were great! 
with coach pitch...each kid got 5 pitches and if haven't hit by then you got 2 tries from the tee...and if you didn't hit by struck out! 
There was a 5 run rule if 3 outs didn't happen..and played 3 innings or 1 hour. which ever came first...we always played 3 innings.! :) 

The team consisted of all the boys we started with 2 years ago...a few new ones through the years..but for the most part..we've had the same group of kids...and this season was so much fun! 
Just a great group of kids and parents!
All the boys did so well and truly began to understand the game. They would get so excited to get outs..which they got several each game.! That was the fun thing about coach pitch...the ball was hit anywhere...making the field players all have to pay attention, b/c the ball could be coming to you! which, also meant, it was more exciting for the spectators.! hehe! 

Ty did a great job and we were so proud of him. Kinda sad the season is over....little league will be a whole new game next year! but we are excited and looking forward to it! 

my how he's grown in 2 years!!! 

and the sweet team showered us with essentials for our baby....just the sweetest surprise ever! we were blown away and shocked...and a few things for daddy trav!! hehe! 
but they say beer helps with milk maybe I'll learn to like beer...but, hopefully i won't have to go that route! haha!

such a fun fun season...will miss the mommas and our chats...but will be nice to check something off our list..and have some free nights! :) 

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