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Friday, May 27, 2016

Last Day MDO...

These two girls had a fun last day of school luau....aloha summer!!

They had such a great year...both had such great classes. 
hanna's was all girls and 2 boys ( i think 1 boy was added near the end) and they were friends before school it made the school year super fun for them. We will miss them next year...such a fun group. 

Claire had several of her friends from the previous year....but such a fun group where their personalities came out and vocabulary, learning, nap mats, potty training, etc. so much going on at this doubt that class wore those sweet teachers out. haha. 

these silly girls are inseparable and love each other so much. hanna is constantly looking out for Claire and Claire is constantly looking for hanna! haha! 

my how did they grow...and can't believe how much claire's hair has grown. 

and it was hanna's last day at she will be attending pre-k 4 at Ty's school in the fall. She could not be more excited and is so ready...we are excited for her but I will miss her tremendously! 

My little momma hen!!! 

sad leaving this group of friends next year.!! sad growing up and moving on...

she was hula dancing all day after I picked her up. 

Not sure how claire will do without her big sister next truly is a concern of mine! Hopefully having a new baby brother will help distract. ha! 
which means claire will be the lone roby at mdo..for the first and only time...ha! 

Thankful for our wonderful school and teachers....but ready for summer!!! let's do this! 

Beginning and end of 2015-2016 school year!!!

Let our summer adventures begin...

first up..sophi's 5th bday party, ruidoso, san Antonio and summer camps...

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