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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Kite Day...

Lets go Fly a Kite....

Ty's school had kite day during their PE period...and families were encouraged to attend. Being on a tuesday, it was just me...b/c although the girls would have loved to is where they needed to be..;) 
So, Ty and I had a great time flying his kite. Luckily, I brought our "backup kite" bc the iron man kite he liked wasn't doing too, mom to the rescue. 
Of course, on all days in midland, the wind was barely blowing..unheard of here in the spring...but we managed to get the kites up with the little gusts of wind there was!

Ty had asked me the night before If I would come eat lunch with him....i mean, i don't care what I have planned..when I am asked that question there is no turning it down. 
So after kite flying I went to whataburger for us some lunch. 
and when his class was walking to the cafeteria his teacher told me he wrote me a note...and then ty handed it to me... enter watery eyes. 
I get a letter/card at least 2-3 times a week....adn I keep every. and It melts my heart every.single.time. as well. The fact that he thinks of me and isn't embarrased to show his friends that he made a card for me...just makes my heart sooooo incredibly warm. 
he is just the sweetest!!! 

we had a great morning together and I love that all of his school friends know me as Ty's mommy!  :) 

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