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Friday, May 27, 2016

Kindergarten Graduate....

I will never forget walking Ty down the hall to his kindergarten classroom..the day I had dreaded for years, with tears streaming down...I took my little boy to his classroom, helped him get his breakfast ( I just couldn't resist...that was my job) all the while trying not to embarrass him...i think I failed miserably...but, he never once mentioned it! 
It was the strangest feeling dropping him off, and just having the girls from 8-3:30....that day I was at pick up an hour early..I was so anxious to see my little boy and learn all about his day! 
It did help however, having a little "spy" on campus who just happened to know my phone number and would text me to let me know Ty was doing great...and that he had time to eat all his lunch..(one of my concerns) haha! 
and now, it's hard to believe 9 months later, it was our norm..drop off was a lot easier....and someday we didn't get to pick up at 3:30 bc the girls may have actually fallen asleep...but, I still haven't got use to not having him all day...and doing things without him. I never wanted to take the girls to do much during the day bc I felt we were leaving ty out...and i didn't like that! Thankfully, with their busy gymnastics prohibited a lot of extra playtime. 
And we were always super excited to pick him up everyday and love on him...he always loved to hear, "ty now we can kiss you all day." from his! 

Finally, on May 26th he was an official kindergarten graduate and was out for the summer!!! woohooo!!!!

But, a few days sooner, on monday the 23rd at 6:30 the kindergarten class had their Kindergarten celebration and received their certification of completion!!! They sang a few songs of knowledge they had learned..and then each had their name called to get their certification..Ty could not have walked faster for that...haha! 

Sadly, on that monday, I got my first call from the school nurse...saying ty is throwing up and to come get him.

hanna was running a fever the night before and that, I decided there was a link and figured it was, the dr we went....and sure enough...both were positive! so, ty had thrown up a few more times that day, never ate, but he really wanted  to attend the celebration and I just hated for him to, I decided to let him go..but not to touch anyone. I know, that was not nice from a parent role..but, I just couldn't stand to let him miss his one and only kinder graduation! 
So, we went and he was pretty much just there...he sang his songs, did his motions...but, I don't think once cracked a smile! haha! but, he was glad to be there. I just hated he didn't feel good! also, didn't help that he got bitten by an ant...and so did, that didn't help our evening. ha! 

We are so very proud of Ty and the success he had this year...he is on a 2nd grade reading level, made new friends, his spelling and writing is extremely legible, principals award twice, star student multiple times, never got in trouble and truly loved school. he had the best teacher who was fabulous and helped contribute to his success..she was so great! 
but we were ready for a little break...and super ready for summer!!! 

Great job very proud of you! 
Kinder celebration.
Ms. Pearson's class with 15 kids...where the girls outnumbered the boys...

he and his best little bud...

he really was proud of his diploma...don't let his somber face fool you..haha! it was the 102 fever talking..ha! 

and the wonderful family picture...
2 with strep and ant bites, and one sleepy toddler! 
but, we all cheered for ty and was so happy for him. 

and a pic with the superintendent...hehe! 

we are so sad to be losing ms. pearson..she is getting married and we are sad the rest of the kids won't have her. she was great! 

and end of year treats for the class....on the last day...

WOOOHOOO for the last day.....

my did he grown and change...

same questions a few different answers from the first and last day..
favorite food: pizza/Pizza (same)
what do you want to be: a football player/ Landman
favorite friends: brady and camden/ camden and haiden
what do you like to do with them: play 
favorite place to visit: abilene/houston
favorite TV Show: rescue bots/ TMNT
favorite movie: Karate Kid/ Star Wars

We love you Ty..and so proud of you! Bring on first grade....but, excited to spend every day with you in the meantime!!!

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