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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hanna's first gymnastics meet...

Hanna has loved her new gymnastics location, where she's been since the almost a year. When she was asked to be apart of pre-team, I will admit, I was a little skeptical...what was the difference going to be? and did I really want to add another 2 days a week activity to our the lovely hour of 12-1 two times a week...right in the thick of claire's nap time. 
But, we decided to let her do it b/c she absolutely LOVES it...

On pre-team they definitely do harder skills and more of, when they had their "Flip Flop Fest" I wondered if they just wanted more money out of us..or if it was really ligit! ha! 
and I have to admit, it was way more orgainzed and structured than I was expected! 

they grouped them by age...2 groups of 4-5 year olds and one group of older girls. 
they each took turn on each rotation and parents just traveled to their location to watch. It was very smooth...and just like a regular competition. 
we were a little nervous for hanna, as she has the tendency to clam up and get shy in front of crowds....but..let me just tell you...she was not shy at all....and just ear to ear smiles the whole time. she went first on all the rotations (there were 3...floor, tramp and mini tramp) and she was just so excited! she saluted before and after each pass and couldn't have been more proud of her! 

afterwards they all got medals and she'll tell you, she got a gold medal..haha! she had the best time and it just clarified our reason for putting her there...she just loves it!

gymnastics is year excited to see what she keeps learning...although she will miss several times this summer! ha! 

I was nervous for her but I was also super nervous about having to put her hair in a bun....i even made her hair appt for after the meet b/c i needed all the length I could get. 
I have to say I was pretty impressed with my bun...2 braids and a little bun...haha!! 3 ponytails later, it stayed good! :) haha!

our little poser...

there were 6 girls in her rotation...

her fan club...minus her mom (also known as the photographer.) and her mom-mom..

on the double mini-
3 passes..
1)straight jump, tuck jump, straddle off.
2) straight jump, pike, pike off
3) straight jump, pike, half turn off..

swivel hips, seat, doggie, tummy, tuck jump, half turn, pike, straddle, seat drop

2 passes:
1) cartwheel, cartwheel, backroll, bankroll, rebound.
2) front roll step out, cartwheel, cartwheel, round off, rebound!

they all got to stand in first place for a pic...she could not have been more proud of herself..haha..or at least that's what her smile said.

all the girls at the meet.

and her age group.

her proud fans...claire was too...but it was way past her nap time! :)

So proud of you, Hanna James! You did awesome! 

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