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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hanna's Dance Recital...

This was Hanna's 4th dance recital...but first at her new dance, we both didn't know exactly what to expect...but with 3 rehearsals in one week made us think they meant business. ha! 
They were extremely organized and clearly you could tell it was not their first was like their 25th anniversary or something! 
The day of the recital she had to be dropped off by 9:45 and the doors would open at, we got there at 9:06...just to make sure we weren't! 
i went dropped her off early and their was already a line starting to form to enter the auditorium at Lee, we got in line. Once the doors open and we found our seats..the kindle was pulled out..thank goodness for that! Ty and Claire were great troopers and very patient during that hour..
Recital started at 10:30..and hanna was the 4th dance...but we had to stay the whole time and they had a finale at the end. 
Hanna's age just has one tap dance but as you get older you add a next year she will do a tap and ballet number..and some girls (like 6 years old) did 3 dances..bc you add a jazz one then. So, there were like 26 dances in her recital....and they were all so so cute, from the costumes to the so precious! They also have a big number of high school, they were interwoven between the little dancers....and always fun to watch. Ty really enjoyed their Star Wars dance as Storm Troopers....claire kept saying, "I don't like the bad guys." haha! 

The last dance was provided from the dad's who volunteered to practice every wed for about a month..Travis declined....and after seeing what they did...I'm not sure he'll ever get up that is saying a lot from him..haha!
They did the whip and nae nae song....and then busted out to a choreographed dance...the crowd was rolling! it was so great! the dad's did awesome....definitely a good laugh! 

It lasted about an hour and half...and then we got in the car and headed straight to abilene to watch sophia's 1st recital. 

Hanna's song was "sweet and sassy"....they seriously could not have chosen a better song and costume for was like they knew her before she got
sassy and a pink/sparkly was love at first sight! and oh so cute! 
she enjoyed every bit of her recital and did soooo great!!! she loves to dance! 

i mean, if these don't say, "sweet and sassy" not sure what does...haha! 

Claire wanted to go to "my recital" so badly....i wish she could have...but, this fall she'll be old enough to be apart of the dancing world...and she could not be more excited..
she actually wore one of hanna's old recital costumes to a rehearsal b/c she really was set she was going to her recital..haha! 
she knew all of hanna's dance and song...she could have done it with them..haha! 

here they come....always a little shy at first...

but nailed it...and off they went....soo cute...

and the finale...she wasn't quite sure of that..i think she was tryting to find us....and she was pretty tired after waiting 3 hours! ha.

fam pic afterwards...thanks to a self-timer..

so proud of you hanna james. we love to watch you dance! 
fun thing about recital day....curls, hairspray and makeup.....
we tried the sponge rollers the day of her dress rehearsal...her hair was still a little damp, so didn't work that great....
how else do you dry your hair..a little baseball practice...haha..

day of was cold...and she doesn't do well in cold...ty also knew the recital dance song...don't let him fool you..haha! 

she slept in the sponge rollers that night..and still didn't work, back to the old trusty curling iron.ha! and even after dowsing her hair with hair spray..her curls were just about gone by dance time.! definitely something she inherited from me..straight as a board hair.!

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